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I've Been Gone for a Few Weeks...

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Jkdbuck76, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Jkdbuck76

    Jkdbuck76 Well-Known Member
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    Jan 8, 2007
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    ....in that time, have you all solved the C/A debate?

    All kidding aside. I was on another forum and an atheist posted the following.
    How would you answer?

    As an atheist I have no vested interest in this subject. HOWEVER it seems to me that you believers are worshiping the wrong one.

    Satan, who supposedly is evil:
    1. Doesn’t demand to be worshiped.
    2. Hasn’t set up a complicated and contradictory list of rules, guidelines and demands for his followers.
    3. Doesn’t punish people for not following said listings.
    4. Encouraged Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Like knowing the difference would be bad somehow?
    5. Hasn’t drowned the entire world.
    6. Hasn’t threatened the entire world with future destruction.
    7. Doesn’t promise to send anyone to hell. In fact he is the target of such threats himself.
    8. Didn’t send any plagues to Egypt. Killing the children was a nice touch.
    9. And so on.

    When comparing their track records Yahweh seems like a bitter, mean, evil, psychopathic control freak. Satan sounds like someone who would enjoy going to beach and surfing.

    Well, it’s time for you Xians to step up and defend your loving God. Good luck.

    Any others who would like to document more of God's "goodness" or Satan's "evil" feel free.

    Any ideas?
  2. webdog

    webdog Active Member
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    Mar 31, 2005
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    I'll go throught each number.

    1. That is true. That is not his focus, though. His focus is to make sure nobody worships God since all are separated due to sin.
    2. Question makes no sense given #1 states he doesn't require worship, hence he requires no followers.
    3. See number 2
    4. Encouraged Adam and Eve to blatantly disobey God's command, resulting in spiritual and physical death...satan's goal.
    5. God judged a sinful world influenced by satan...so yes...he did play a role in it.
    6. See number 5.
    7. Doens't need to promise it. God has promised those who die in their sins are deemed to go there.
    8. Satan's influence on a fallen world played a role in the plagues to begin with. The plagues were actually chances for Pharaoh and the egyptians to listen to God's command. He gave them 10 chances to do just that. If anything, He was merciful, as He could have just destroyed them to begin with.
    9. If "and so on" is the only thing said, there is no number 9.

    Regarding the "track record"...you have 66 books penned by 40 authors over 1500 years to go on. God's mercy love and justice are the common theme throughout.

    Also, if this "atheist" (an oxymoron since God has told us eveyone knows there is a God) is a true atheist...what is he doing believing in satan? If there is no God, there is no right and wrong, good and evil, God and Satan. In addition, atheist don't believe in absolute truth, but "atheist" by definition is an absolute truth statement (there is no God). This person's really confused.
    #2 webdog, Aug 19, 2008
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  3. Thinkingstuff

    Thinkingstuff New Member

    May 14, 2008
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    1. Satan does want to be worshiped. Luke 4:6-8. In an effort to pull people away from God Satan seems to want to make man worship anything that is not God. Any worship apart from God falls into two catagories. worship of the Accuser or worship of self. We see what happens with self involved people. The modern church of Satan (Church of Seth) worships the "spirit" of the devil in that he was a rebel. (They don't believe in a person of the devil) The glorify those who are ambitious and strong. The encourage people to "walk" over others to get their desires. They believe in social Darwinism. Only the strong survive. Many people involved in Satanism are anarchist and self absorbed. Yeah hang out on a beach with this guy. Anton Levay was a self indulgent person as was Alister Crowley both died in poverty. Crowley died in a European Sewer with heroin at his side.
    2. First show me where christianity set up contradictory rules. If your talking about denominations (I know this is another poster from a different site.) that is a different subject. If you look at any world religion (I believe propigated by the accuser) you find more rules and contradictory elements than you do in Christianity. The Chuch of Satan has a problem understanding or teaching mercy unless it is to advance yourself. However, Satan is content with drawing people from the father so if people frolic in pleasurable revalry then he is fine. But look at abortion, drug addiction, fatherless children, wars, murder, rapes and a multitude of other things that this behavior entails.
    3. The book of Job indicates that the Accuser roams the earth looking for any opportunity to destroy mens lives. Most men have destroyed lives so there is an indication that Satan finds more sport in making the righteous suffer. How many people that follow the prinicples of Satanism haven't destroyed their lives or lives of those around them? Look at the world before christianity. Children sacrificed to the gods. Mercy was not given. Babies heads were dashed at city walls screaming women head were placed on pikes. Just read history. Read Homer (Illiad and Oddessy), read Aeinid. (by Virgil) You get a better ideal of the self centeredness of men.
    4. Yes encourage Adam and Eve to loose their innocence! How many children have lost their innocence to molesters doing satans bidding. They are always tempted with something good such as candy or finding a lost pet. Satan's act was on the same level if not worse. Men have died ever since.
    5. No but has attempted to have men destroy themselves. And note is was to rid the world of violence and cruelty. Also there was a saving plan implemented Noah. With Satan there is no mercy. Ask a member of the Church of Satan run by Lavey's daughter.
    6. God hasn't threatened the worlds destruction in the future. The worlds destruction is a natural consequence of sin. God has promised that the natural consequence will be comsumated in the end (destruction) but has given hope for a rebirth a new heaven and new earth. God always gives a message of hope.
    7. We can see God never intended to send men to hell. The lake of fire was made for Satan and his fallen angels. Look at Matthew 25:41
    It just happens that God being just will punish men for the same offence that the Devil made with the same punishment. Same offence same punishment. Justice. He provides salvation just like with Noah. Through Christ. God makes every opportunity to save men but it is still up to them.
    8. No but he may have caused Pharoh to think killing all male hebrews was a good idea. God was more merciful. He only killed their first born. They deserved worse. Egypt enslaved his people, killed their children, tortured them and was all very nasty. God said to the Egyptians to let his people go and they would never have suffer one plague. But they wared with God and had plagues.
    9. And so on indeed! The real issue of the poster is to deny any accountability of himself and by default satan. Does he know what Satan means? "accuser" Satan accuses men before God so that they may be destroyed. He is not someone to hang on the beach with because he would rather see you dead and burning than to toss a beach ball and chech out pretty girls. He is a liar, murder from the begining.