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Jesus Camp movie which bashes evangelical christians

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by xdisciplex, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. xdisciplex

    xdisciplex New Member

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Have you heard about this movie?


    I think it's about filming young christians at "training camps" where they are "indoctrinated" and turned into born-again christians. Of course the media makes this all look so bad as if these poor,young boys and girls are being brainwashed because they're young and receptive. I saw comments about this movie from non-christians which compared evangelical christians to fundamentalists. This movie might have a very negative impact. But what I don't understand AT ALL is WHY are christians even allowing themselves to be filmed at such things? This is so stupid. Can they not imagine what the media will do with such clips? They will make it look like they are totally crazy. But the leader of this camp or whatever this is where they were allowed to film even liked the movie!? How silly is this? Obviously some christians don't even notice this anymore and don't realize how such things can totally be used against christians. I would never allow such things to be filmed. What is the secular world supposed to think when they see young girls standing there with their arms lifted up with tears on their faces? They will think these people are brainwashed fanatics.
    But I also ask myself wether there aren't christian "camps" where young people really are brainwashed. I have seen such footage from charismatic christian training camps and even I had the impression that the people there are indoctrinated. When even I, as a christian, have this feeling then what are the non-christians supposed to think? I think it's a shame that some christians are so stupid and allow these things to be filmed. They don't even realize how they will use this to mock christianity. The people see this movie and think that all born-again christians are fanatics or a sect. They don't even know what born-again means but they directly connect it to fanatism.
    But if I had children I also wouldn't send them to such christian "camps" where they are indoctrinated by some guru what to believe. I think it's also a legitimate question wether some of the children which go there aren't way too young to even realize what they are doing and to really make an own decision.
    What's your opinion about such evangelical training camps? Would you send your children there not knowing what they are taught there? In Germany we also have such camps. I saw a documentary about on of it. Concerned parents talked about their children returning from such a camp and they refused to eat!
    They wouldn't listen to their parents and insisted on fasting.I think that such things are concerning. If I had a child which comes back from such a camp and then refuses to eat and doesn't listen to me anymore I would be very upset because this simply isn't okay. Most likely they were told at this camp that they have to fast or something like that. This is abuse in my opinion.
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  2. JamieinNH

    JamieinNH New Member

    Nov 4, 2005
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    There is another thread or two about this on the board...