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Jesus' Last Week

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gerhard Ebersoehn, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Gerhard Ebersoehn

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    One of the greatest works in Calvinistic literature has been Klaas Schilder's Trilogy, 'Christ in his Suffering', a book which had a tremendous influence on my own life.

    The following reflects the INEVITABLE chronology followed by Schilder in his work, as INEVITABLY it reflects the chronology the Gospels OBVIOUSLY expose ....

    The Last Week

    “Six days before Feast Days
    “Jesus came where Lazarus stayed”
    John 12:1.
    Abib 9 Sabbath;

    5 days before Feast,
    “the next day”
    entered Jerusalem
    Jn12:12 Mk11:1-11 Mt21:1-17 Lk19:29.
    Abib 10 ‘Palm Sunday’;

    4 days before Feast,
    “fig tree” cursed
    Mk11:12-19 Mt21:18
    Abib 11 Second Day of the week, ‘Monday’;

    3 days before Feast,
    “fig tree” dried
    “after two days crucified”
    Mt26:2 Mk11:20-13:3 Lk20:1,2-38.
    Abib 12 Third Day of the week, ‘Tuesday’;

    2 days before Feast
    “after two days Feast”
    Mk14:1-11 Mt26:6,14-16 Lk 22:1-6.
    Abib 13 Fourth Day of the week, ‘Wednesday’;

    1 day “before the Feast”,
    Jn13:1,30-19:14-30 Mk14:12,17-41 Mt26:17,20-56 Lk22:7,14-49.
    Abib 14 Fifth Day of the week, ‘Thursday’;

    “great day of sabbath-Feast”
    “The Preparation which is the Fore-Sabbath”
    Jn19:31,38-42 Mk15:42-47 Mt27:57-61 Lk23:50-56
    Abib 15 Sixth Day ‘Friday’
    the first day “since crucified”;

    “morning after The Preparation”
    “late Sabbath”
    Mt27:62 to 28:4 Luke23:56b to Mk16:1
    Abib 16 “The Seventh Day God finished” Hb4:4
    the second day “since crucified”;

    “The First Day of the week”,‘Sunday’
    “the third day since crucified”
    “that day …”
    Jn20:1;11-17 Mk6:1;2;9-12 Mt28:5-15 Lk24:1,21,29
    Abib 17—;

    —“… with reference to that day”—from the evening after “the First Day”,‘Sunday’ was the day before.
    Lk20:19 Mk16:13-14 Lk24:33.

    I shall really appreciate it if you can improve or rectify anything in here which you might think is wrong or dishonest or, NOT SCRIPTURE.

    Please, in God's Name, do show it to me?