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Junk mail problem

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology Forum' started by just-want-peace, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. just-want-peace

    just-want-peace Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Feb 3, 2002
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    Years ago I downloaded a software program called, I think "e-mail scrubber".
    In the process of copying files to new computers, it disappeared, and I can't find it now. (I may be looking for a phantom)

    The goal was when you got a piece of junk mail, you could select a an option that would reply to the junk mail, and in essence give your email address as illegitimate, thereby dropping you from that junk mailer's list.
    Anybody have any ideas about this item?
  2. Allenafaith

    Allenafaith New Member

    Oct 12, 2015
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    I've never even heard of something like that but I probably wouldn't have installed it if it were me.
  3. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    May 24, 2004
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    That would just get you onto more junk mail lists - once they know it is a good address the flood will come.

    Most email programs have filters you can set up and the junk will funnel into the junk box.

    The US gov. has a spam list that supposedly keeps you off the lists but it doesn't work. They also run a service where you can send spam and they SUPPOSEDLY will stop it - that doesn't work either. I sent every spam to them for three months and am still getting from the same addys.

    Spammers usually just change the email addy they send from now and then or often hijack real addys for their own use.

    I get over a hundred a day and growing. Some lists I'm on two or three times.