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Just Do It...

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by Benjamin, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Benjamin

    Benjamin Well-Known Member
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    I had a Nike moment:

    Step by step and rep by rep… I expect is the way I will always strive to challenge, maintain and improve my functional abilities in order to be able to achieve a higher quality of exuberating (unrestrained enthusiastic) physical responses to whatever comes my way in life as I get older. Of late, there is a nagging constant reminder that keeps my motivation level high as I ascertain the situations of those who are needlessly losing or have lost mobility and I confirm how advancing commitments to personal training will strongly impact what intensity levels I am able to attain for my own future. I anticipate, that I will desire every exuberating moment in my life to be a gratifying stimulus rather than a restricted deterrent and understand this is best experienced through the highest obtainable physical wellbeing. Exuberation is a multifaceted complex sensation that hinges on the physical and seems to define our vitality, therefore I see no reason why life should be short-changed through the aging process solely because of neglecting the important goals to keep the body as fit as possible. Just Do It…

    Got one?
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  2. glfredrick

    glfredrick New Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    I began "doing it" last spring. I was nearing 300# and enough was enough. I started moving instead of finding reasons to sit and work. I worked to reduce my food intake along the way.

    I now work a job where I am on my feet, moving fast enough to hold a rolling sweat for as much as 12-14 hours a day. Yes, at first it hurt. Now, I feel worse when I sit than when I move. I've dropped over 30# and with that 2 pants sizes. I've punched two new holes in my favorite (Amish made leather) belt. As a badge of honor, I now have 5 "smile marks" on that belt where the leather is worn in from use.

    My wife and I also started spending 4 days a week in the gym while I was still at the seminary. Monday and Wednesday were in the weight room where I did a double fast circuit of the weight machines with as much weight as I could push, pull, or press for 13-15 reps. I went from big muscle group to small, one after one, and repeated the process for the second loop. No rest between reps. That generally took me an hour. I often finished with 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, set on max, where I tried to get my heart rate above 130 (seldom did, I have strong legs!). When I started the weight routine, I was pushing 60-80# on most machines. After 3 months, I was maxed out on most of the machines (250+). I was also doing 100 reps (50 on each cycle) on the stomach machine with 100# on board instead of the 13-15 reps on all the other machines. It was great feeling strong again!

    On the opposing days, I was in the pool for aqua aerobics. We spent an hour in the pool burning calories. In many cases, the pool was a harder workout than the weight room, but the water made it feel less intense.

    I'm now in the 250s, considerably tightened up, and walking over 4 miles a day for work and play. Can't wait for skiing season this year, as we are back in Wisconsin where there is real snow and skiing opportunities!