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Justified, Sanctified and Glorified, and what it means to me!

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by righteousdude2, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. righteousdude2

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Every month, for several other forums, I write a monthly bag of trail mix to help those on the Narrow Path. I've prayerfully prepared a bag of nuggets for you too, so enjoy....

    It is important that you never forget to remind yourself that by the grace of God: YOU are not where you were when Christ came into your life. And while you may not have reached the place He intends for you to be [on some days]; YOU are still further down the path than YOU were the day before!!!

    The need to remind ourselves of this awesome truth, will help to keep the devil - the liar and accuser of our faith - at arm's length, while sending him the true message of faith, "We know who holds our future, and it isn't the devil!"

    There are going to be times, in every believer's life, when the devil works extra hard to make you question your standing and position on the path; by pointing out past and present failures! For this reason, I encourage you to do as I do and that is to prayerfully remind myself, and anyone in range of my voice, that I still a work in progress! After all, He is the potter, and I am merely the clay. He has the right to break me and remold me as He sees fit!

    I am forever grateful for the fact that I have experienced the "ified's" of Grace: Justified [just as if I never sinned]; Sanctified [ the process of learning and growing to include failing and falling down, and getting back up and growing and going again]; and one day soon, I [like you] will be Glorified [when He takes us by the hand through that narrow door at the end of the narrow path]!

    Just don't forget that the process of Sanctification is the longest and most spiritually tedious task [as it runs from the time we are born-again to passing into Glory] of our walk on the Narrow Path. Often, Sanctification can be the most cumbersome of the "ified's." Nevertheless, there is no other way [no short cuts to Sanctification] for you to get to the Narrow Gate. We must all travel by way of that Narrow Path, and Jesus told us that the path would be filled with its difficulties.

    Shalom :type: