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left behind 2 tribulation force

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by BIBLE man, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. BIBLE man

    BIBLE man New Member

    Oct 6, 2002
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    left behind 2 is a good movie it relly brings out salvation it is out on vhs or dvd we bougt it on thursday. [​IMG] [​IMG] ;)
  2. I read 4 or 5 of the adult books and a few of the teen books. I have seen part of the first movie ,but I did not finih it because I had read some of the books and got bored. I have not seen the second movie ,but if it is anything like the 1,2,3, or 4 book I would not like it. The reason I do not like the Left Behind series is I have met a lost person and they had seen the movie ,and by what they said they were going to wait like the people in the movie till after the rapture to get saved. The problem is they have heard the truth and after the rapture they probably will not be able to get saved. The movie sends a false hope of salvation dependent upon man's time not God's time.
  3. Surrender To Jesus

    Surrender To Jesus New Member

    Jul 26, 2002
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    CDGRiffin, I agree with you. I read the first two books of the left behind series and the "salvation" that they imply did not have repentance from sin and also seemed to be that of being free from the tribulation, rather than the forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven. The blood of Jesus is nowhere to be found and without that annointment, then there is no salvation. The series is very liberal, and it's shameful that the modern day perversions are quoted instead of God's Word (King James Bible) Here's a website that I found that has a lot of information about the Left Behind series: http://www.libertytothecaptives.net/index.html#Exposing
  4. Sularis

    Sularis New Member

    Sep 4, 2000
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    Oh I'll agree that stating Chang having the mark of the beast and still operate as a Christian is unBiblical - but perhaps Chang will turn and show his true colours - (PS - its loose Biblical fiction) As to your friend introduce him to Russian Roulette and then explain End-times to him - He'll have better odds of surviving many rounds Russian Roulette then he will the end times.

    On another note - that lady in the link is not only coo-coo in da head - but I have more serious doubts about her faith. Personally I felt Veggie Tales was annoying in that it trivialized the Bible - Not that it was a Satan spawned tool of the devil

    The first video and the series are much different, and while the series is not reflective of everyone's view - It does fit a lot of Scripture quite well - at least in the initial premise of the Rapture-Tribulation

    As to the nature of the series it was written for Christians! Im sorry you dont know that Christ died for your sins - but perhaps other Christians do

    No man knows the hour of Christ's return
    If we start getting Marks of the Beast, and a one world government before the Rapture - I think we'll have a clue.

    Id toss out Harry Potter before Id toss out Left Behind, and despite the fact it nauseates me, Id fight to keep Veggie Tales as well