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Discussion in '2008 Archive' started by Sopranette, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Sopranette

    Sopranette New Member

    Aug 24, 2006
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    Well, since we got our new computer, I'm able to view Liveleak.com again. It's not for the faint of heart, I tell you. It's all videos put online by anyone. I've been looking at what's going on in the War on Terrorism, posted minutes after the fact, so it's up to date, and no sugar coating by the news on TV. If I have to hear that terrible patriot chant by the insurgents again, the one they put to every post they do, it'll stick to my brain forever. It's a nightmare, except it's reality. I am so praying for our soldiers there, that they come home soon, safe. I can't soak in what's really going on, not all of it. It's just too much. Anyway, that's just what's been going on today. Just please keep them in mind today, this is happening right now to our soldiers far from home.


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  2. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    Sopranette, I too am praying for a quick and safe return of our soldiers. I wish I had more faith and optimism in that regard.

    I heard a recent accusation against most of our Congress and Senators, that many of them.... in both houses, in both parties, are heavily invested in those companies which are supplying and manufacturing for the war in Iraq. I caution, I have not been able to confirm this so by posting it here... I may be in error propagating a 'hearsay'. Frankly, I'd rather be in error than have it confirmed....but if true, then there is a financial reason for keeping the war going, and the big dogs taking the last crumbs from our pockets to line their nest of affluence.