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Lyrics I wrote to the tune of Smokescreen by Michael Roe

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by SovereignMercy, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. SovereignMercy

    SovereignMercy New Member

    Aug 26, 2012
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    For many years I was a one point "Calvinist" until the Lord opened my eyes. One of my favorite musicians is Mike Roe from the 77's. The first verse was written by him as well as the tune. I wrote the rest and have performed it from time to time when I have the opportunity.

    1) Paid all my money and what did I get? Left in a smolder like some cigarette
    I smoked every pack of lies made yet. I never read that little warning that said:
    "I'd be an eternal soul with an eternal crave." Cashed every premium for this flip top grave
    When I locked my heart and threw away the key. Now I'm left with nothin'… Nothin' but me

    2) Judas, Balaam, Herod, Cain… all by the wrath of God were slain
    Like fallen angels destined for wrath, they were appointed the first are last
    God in His justice hates, condemns, who are you with Him to contend
    Angels rejoice at the Judgment Day, He does as He will you… you’ll have nothing to say.

    3) Not many wise, not many strong, not many rich will sing this song.
    God chose losers like you and me; bound up in sin to be set free.
    We were His enemies going our way, with nothing else but hell to pay
    All we like sheep have gone astray, When upon Christ our sins… our sins He laid.

    4) People like Manasseh, Samson, Lot, Mary Magdalene, Rahab the Harlot,
    Ones who have nothing to boast, and realize they ought to be toast.
    Mercy is shown to the dregs of the world, so that His grace may be unfurled
    God alone will receive all the praise, and at His feet our crowns, our crowns we’ll place.

    5) Jesus came His people to save, takes away their fear of the grave.
    He’s not the beggar some make Him to be, All of His own He sets free
    The Spirit gives life to whom He will, Those He loves cannot sit still
    Jesus is the Author and Finisher of faith, The Alpha and Omega who truly saves.

    6) Come sing praise to the God of Grace, upon whom one day we will cast our gaze.
    All that the Father gave to the Son, will stand before Him their races won.
    Our Lord Jesus will have His bride, not one missing for whom He died.
    People from every tongue, nation and tribe, will with their God… be satisfied.