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Made in ............

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by ktn4eg, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. ktn4eg

    ktn4eg New Member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    (not) the USA.

    Salty's thread on whether or not the US Border Patrol's uniforms were/are made in China prompted me to recall an "incident" I saw way back in September, 1989, while I was finishing up my tech school training at Keesler AFB (Biloxi, MS) to become a "3-level" Avionics Guidance and Control Systems repairman for the TN ANG.

    September 17th marks the creation of the US Air Force as a separate branch of the US military. (This happened in 1947.) Anyway, 1989 would have marked the USAF's 42d year as a separate branch of the US military.

    Now, in most every USAF base (at least in the CONUS anyway), most "dining facilites" [USAF code for mess halls] will feature some kind of commemorative display noting that fact.

    The "dining facility" where I usually ate while at KAFB had some such display. In this particular "dining facility" was a fairly elaborate ice sculpture that I thought was very attractive.

    There was an ongoing policy at KAFB at that time in that one could critique anything one wanted to. Of course 99.99% of the time these critiques were just a means to ops check their paper shredders. Be that as it may, I did notice something in connection with the ice sculpture that prompted me to submit a critique.

    What was it you ask?

    Well, it was the US flags that were placed at various positions in the ice sculpture. What was the problem? Along the border of the flags were very promentally printed these words: MADE IN THAILAND

    Now, anyone that has ever had any dealings with the US military will be often times cautioned NEVER, NO NEVER "think outside the box"!!! Well, I was prior service and, besides, I was a "short-timer" for my tech school training anyway. So I decides to make out one of them thar critiques as follows:

    I really did enjoy the ice sculpture I saw in my "dining facility." Whoever did this displayed a high degree of expertise in the fine art of ice sculpturing and is to be commended for his talents.

    OTOH, one would think that the selection of the manufacturer of the US flags on a US Air Force base commemorating the anniversary of the US Air Force would be one that would be located in, of all places, the UNITED STATES, wouldn't one?

    Of course, my critique was (surprise, surprise) never answered. But, to this day, I still remember that "incident."
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