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Marriage Questionnaire

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by steveo, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. steveo

    steveo New Member

    Dec 22, 2003
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    Do any of you use a marriage questionnaire before you marry?
    And if so, what do you include??
    I am trying to come up with one and need some help:)
  2. Precepts

    Precepts New Member

    Dec 27, 2003
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    I was asked to marry a couple once, (a have to), but when I askesd them to come to our church so we could sit down, (in nuetral territory), they agreed, but never showed. They suggested I comwe to the trailer park where they lived, but it was further for me to go there than it was for them to come to our church by about 12 miles. I lived in a trailer park for 13 years, so that had no regard.

    Some would probably say they wouldn't perform the ceremony because of the situation, but my intention was to bring them to Jesus in the process if at all possible. Do I know they need Jesus? Yes, everybody does. They started off wrong, but I was sure to mention it could be made right.

    I can regarding your question is refer back to when my brother-in-law sat us down and asked us first and foremost were we saved?

    Other questions were whther or not I had proven myself to be able to provide for my bride in the areas of financial security, love , support and if you get the picture, all the other things laid out in the marriage vows.

    People like to change their vows, I suppose in an attempt to avoid being subject to something they have no intention of holding to in the beginning, such as "Obey him" for instance.

    My advice their would be they take the time to consider the aspects of "beying him" before going any further. I also know this isn't accepted by today's way of thinking, but that's what is wrong with society and the basis of many divorces.

    I could go onto say that "obedience" to the husband's wish is not only subject to the guidelines of moral reasoning, but under the laws of nature and mostly by the Laws of God. So in saying that, obeying in lack of respect of either law or person is not due to him, for he then is become a mongrel and is not in the position of respect to his expectation and also in need of awareness.

    Too many get married for the wrong reasons, and at least some counsel should entail so as to avoid divorce and the "shock" experienced due to lack of understanding each other and the commitment made unto the Lord. Though many look at marriage as a commitment to each other, as it most certainly is, they fail to see it's more prevelant as being a commitment to God. (But then that would explain the frivilousness of so many "unions" today.

    The best advice before "taking the plunge" is to seek counsel from the well experienced, in the positive, but not limted to exclusion of the negative. IOW, those who stood the test of time, as opposed to those who "bailed out".

    Good question, I hope to see others respond with good advice.
  3. Pastor_Bob

    Pastor_Bob Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2002
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    I use a questionnaire developed by my Pastor, Dr. S.M. Davis.

    CLICK HERE for downloadable questionnaires.