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Michael Devlin Facing 71 New Charges

Discussion in '2008 Archive' started by Martin, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Martin

    Martin Active Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    "Michael Devlin, already charged with kidnappings in Washington and Franklin counties, is now facing 71 charges in St. Louis County. Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the charges Monday afternoon. They include 2 kidnapping charges (one for each abducted child) and the rest are sexual assault charges. The charges carry the possibility of life in prison." -SOURCE

    "St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the 71 new felony charges at a news conference on Monday.
    The charges include two kidnapping counts; the remainder allege forcible sodomy. Each is a felony that carries a sentence of up to life in prison." -SOURCE

    I removed the quote and link from the FOX story due to typos and a factual error.


    I suppose I could say that this shows that Bill OReilly, and others like him, were wrong about Shawn Hornbeck "liking" his situation. However I will not waste my time trying to convince a brick wall to move. :BangHead:

    I am just greatful that the police, and the prosecutor, know better than people like OReilly. The only complaint I have about these charges is that the most this monster can get is life in prison. I believe, most strongly, that he should get the death penalty (via a slow and painful method).
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  2. Martin

    Martin Active Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    It Only Gets Worse

    It only gets worse...

    Warning: Slightly Graphic Content

    From KMOV.com

    "CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) -- Prosecutors say the nightmare started immediately for two boys after they were abducted by 41-year-old Michael Devlin.

    In charges filed Monday, St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch alleged that Devlin sexually assaulted the boys after abducting them and hiding them in his suburban St. Louis apartment.

    In the case of 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck, the abuse lasted four years, according to the charges. For 13-year-old Ben Owbny, the abuse began the day he was abducted last month and lasted until he was rescued four days later.

    The charges represented the first time authorities have openly accused Michael Devlin of molesting the children.

    Devlin was charged with 71 counts, two for kidnapping and the others for forcible sodomy, all felonies and each punishable by up to life in prison.

    The boys are identified in the charges by their initials.

    Seventeen of the charges allege that Devlin kidnapped Ben on Jan. 8 and forced the boy to have "deviate sexual intercourse" with Devlin four times that day and four times each day for the next three days. There are no charges for the day of Jan. 12, when the boys were found.

    The remaining 54 charges claim that after kidnapping Shawn in October 2002, Devlin kept the boy isolated in Devlin's apartment for the first month. The boy was forced to have intercourse with Devlin throughout that month and at least once a month until Shawn and Ben were found in January, prosecutors said.

    At a news conference, McCulloch said evidence against Devlin includes interviews with all of the parties involved.

    "Devlin acknowledged committing these acts," McCulloch said.

    In a written statement, defense attorneys Ethan Corlija and Michael Kielty said they have explained the charges to Devlin and that he understands they are "very serious."

    "We have also told Mr. Devlin that we have received no evidence from any of the prosecutors about any of the charges," the statement said.

    "Common sense and the Constitution would suggest that everyone should wait to hear any evidence before reaching any final judgment."

    While it is The Associated Press' policy not to identify alleged victims of sexual abuse in most cases, the boys' case has been widely publicized and their names are well-known. Also, relatives of both boys have conducted several national interviews.

    "The family is relieved that the speculation and the wondering with respect to what happened over four years is now over," Scott Sherman, a lawyer representing Shawn and his family, said in a telephone interview.

    He said Shawn is "absolutely" willing to testify if the case goes to trial.

    "I think he's committed to justice, as painful as it might be."

    Devlin, a 41-year-old pizzeria manager, already faces kidnapping charges in Washington and Franklin counties for the boys' abductions.

    Washington County authorities have said Devlin used a gun to threaten Shawn when he was abducted in 2002." -SOURCE

    Bold Added