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Ministering Saints!

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    For within the grace of God there is an abundance called the freedom to liberally give unto those who are the ministering saints (2Cor 8:1-4); All of this is so that “the advice of grace” might be made known abroad (2Cor 8:9-10); For its not about being a burden to many so that some might be at ease (8:13).

    It is for equality toward “the diligent brothers”, who are the messengers of grace, AND the glory of Christ (2Cor 8:14, 22, 19, 23); All flesh should be silent before the Lord who is in these men, who have been raised up for the holy to come out of them unto God’s chosen people (Zec 2:13-12).

    These are the priests, who are standing with the Lord, with Satan resisting them! (Zec 3:1); These have the effectual communication of every good thing which needs to be acknowledged in Christ Jesus, that is of faith in the grace that is from God our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ (Pho 1:6&3).

    All of this is for your consolation in the love that has this great joy that is in Christ (Pho 1:7-8); For in all of this we can be profitable now (1:11). Do you have love in this faith, which we need to have toward the Lord Jesus AND toward “these saints”? (1:5)

    Those who can thus receive these righteous men (of God by faith) shall receive the reward of these saints PROVIDING they can receive it in “the name of a disciple” (Mt 10:41-42); Which disciples are worthy of Jesus, because they have taken up the cross and are following Him (10:38).

    These disciples didn’t find their own life, they LOST it for the sake of Christ (Mt 10:39); Those who can receive these disciples, receive Jesus AND God the Father who sent Christ (Mt 10:40) “These disciples have enemies in their own households” (10:36).

    For Christ came to set these disciples against their own family members (Mt 10:34-35)

    Whosoever is NOT confessing all of these things before all, are denying Jesus: For within the confession of these things we shall be confessed by Jesus before the heavenly Father (Mt 10:32-33) These professors are “very valuable” (10:31); And they are numbered because they are with the Father (Mt 10:30-29)

    Are you preaching these things of Jesus? (Mt 10:27); If so, then you are revealing what is NOT known, because it is otherwise covered without “a revealer” (10:26); This is how a disciple is as his Master (Mt 10:25).

    These are ambassadors for Christ, who are in Christ’s stead,
    Speaking/preaching as though God was personally beseeching you: They pray that you would be reconciled to God (2 Cor 5:20); These disciples of Christ’s household are “defamed” (Mt 10:24-25).

    It seems like all hate these men, who are for the name sake of Christ: However, only “those who endure/suffer” likewise shall be saved (Mt 10:22); For what these “speakers” need to say is gifted unto them. (10:19)

    Can these (men of God) come into your house/church to give you this greeting?? (Mt 10:12); If so, they shall abide with you, until they go. (10:11); These workmen are worthy to be provided for (Mt 10:10-9).

    For they freely give the preaching of “The Kingdom of Heaven” (10:8-7); These laborers are “FEW” (Mt 9:37). Have you prayed that the Lord would send one of these laborers unto you? (9:3