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Ministering to teen mothers

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by ANewCreature, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. ANewCreature

    ANewCreature New Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    it might not be as big of a problem in some areas, but ever since my Pastoral Counseling class, and the term paper I did - we had to pick one group that would have a need for a counseling ministry and develop one - I have been developing my idea for a ministry to teenage mothers.

    The problem of teenage pregnancy is a huge one. Most of these young people are probably unsaved, though I'm sure some are, as we are all sinners, and fail in the flesh; look at David and Bathsheba. But, in addition, they often lack the support from saved people willing to help them become Godly mothers.

    I would love to come to anyone's church and present the idea as an evangelist, as I feel the Lord calling me to do that right now, rather than actual pastoring, till something opens up. So, let me know if you're interested, and I can send my resume and a cover letter; my e-mail is dfowler955 at aol.com. As I've said before, I get too addicted to boards to come regularly, even to just look for PMs; I've already wasted an hour looking at other stuff on here.

    Much of the below is from my paper and outlines more what I have in mind. thanks.

    Basically, this would be a program set up along the lines of what Paul tells Titus concerning older women instructing younger ones. A program pairing them with experienced mothers – and spiritually mature peers to allow them someone who can perhaps more easily understand the culture and what they are going through - would really help. There's a great need for community among this group of people. eople become too focused on themselves – or on the centrality of something like a boyfriend, in the case of teen moms – because they aren’t trusting God to provide for them. God wants to show people they are far more than forgiven sinners. God can help that teen mother to instill optimism, competence, compassion, and other strengths to build resiliency and guard against problems such as violence and depression.

    While church attendance is helpful, it shouldn’t involve simply listening to a message, entertainment, or games. Small group discussions and other things need to be encouraged. A day or two at a church camp being encouraged in Christ, for instance, while someone watches the children, will be a welcome break for any teen mother.

    A program involving teen mothers will also help a church to grow closer to God. By introducing the regular, churched population to peacemaking and forgiveness, and consistently encouraging it, the entire church can grow to care for a group like teen mothers, and for each other. It’s important to emphasize that Biblical love and peace between others can work in today’s culture, because they run counter to our sin nature, and so much around us inspires hostility.

    It is important that such young teens feel accepted, but at the same time, it is dangerously easy to go the other way. We should never simply be accepting without offering forgiveness. The person’s soul must be cared for, so they come to realize they are imperfect sinners, just as their mentor is a sinner. That means they fall short of the glory of God. They must learn that Jesus died for them, and rose again, so He could bridge the gap between them and God.

    Thanks again,aand be praying for me, if nothing else. I'd also love to come as an evangelist or to speak at any youth, missions, or other conference.
  2. youngmom4

    youngmom4 New Member

    Jul 12, 2007
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    I think this is a great idea. Having been a teenage mother myself, I can tell you they definitely need to be ministered to. Being a teenage mother is hard, even when you have family support like I did. The last thing you need is people staring at you like you're a piece of dirt just because your sin happens to be visible. That's what it boils down to...we can see pregnancy, where other people may have worse sins but sins that are more easily hidden. Teen moms need somebody who can help them understand that forgiveness is still available for the asking and somebody that can help turn their lives around.
  3. SaggyWoman

    SaggyWoman Active Member

    Dec 15, 2000
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    You might also include in your ministry the following:

    1) Independent living skills so they can move out on their own.
    2.) Parenting skills for them to raise their children
    3.) Health care during and after pregnancy
    4.) Relationship building skills with their family and the man who got them pregnant, because he is the baby's daddy.