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Missionary Baptist Church(es)

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by wpe3bql, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. wpe3bql

    wpe3bql Member

    May 15, 2015
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    In my almost 50 years in God's Family, I've had occasion to acquaint myself with two "kinds" of churches, both of which refer to themselves as "Missionary Baptist Churches."

    One/some of these "Missionary Baptist Churches" is/are primarily Caucasian in membership and (at least the ones with which I'm familiar) seem to be:

    (1) "Landmark" (i.e., adhere to Boice's Trail of Blood thesis [A chain-link succession exists all the way back to Christ's earthly ministry during which He founded His church---comprised of the Twelve Apostles.]
    (2) Based on #1 above, the only true churches are those in the lineage mentioned above; hence it is only such churches that have the right to administer the ordinances as mentioned in the NT.
    (a) Some will insist that "the cup's" contents must be fermented wine, and that the Lord's Supper can only be for those who are members in good standing of that particular local Baptist church, i.e., CLOSED communion [How a particular local church determines "the goodness of standing" of each and every member apparently is determined by some criteria contained within said local church's "Governing Document."]
    (b) The pastor is usually the only individual authorized to administer baptism. Some will insist that even baptisteries aren't Scriptural because one doesn't find them mentioned in the NT.
    (c) And, get this, some will even go so far as to believe that, since marriage was ordained by God, marriage therefore is an Ordinance. Since only "true" NT local churches (as defined by the above) are authorized to administer the ordinances, it stands to reason that since Christ's earthly ministry, only marriages performed under the aegis of a "true NT local church are recognized as being "Scriptural" in God's eyes!

    (2) Rigidly adhere to "The Doctrines of Grace," One should not refer to these doctrines as "Calvinistic" because they existed long before Mr. Calvin was born.

    The other "kind" of "Missionary Baptist Churches" with which I'm acquainted have members primarily of the Afro-American race. I don't know if their doctrines/practices differ from the other kind of "Missionary Baptist Churches" as defined above, but I tend to believe they probably do.

    I'm fully aware that one can put a name/label/tag on either a particular local church or even a group of local churches without such identifier meaning little or nothing at all per se. IOW, putting a Rolls Royce emblem on a Yugo (or vice versa) does not per se make a motorized vehicle exactly what that emblem represents.

    All I'm doing is to invite my BB Land friends to submit their comments/observations, etc., to my OP.

    In so doing, we are reminded to keep your submissions in a civil tone as per First Corinthians 13:11.