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Missionary Couples and children brutally murdered in Pakistan

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by alltojesus, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. alltojesus

    alltojesus New Member

    Nov 2, 2006
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    Dr. Mehaboob was born and brought up in a fanatic Muslim family of Bahawalpur in Pakistan. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour while he was studying. He married a christian girl named Paulin about 17 years ago. His conversion and marriage was a big problem to the community. They would have been killed by his relatives. But they escaped and lived in Peshawar for few years. They started proclaiming the Gospel there. Many people accepted Jesus. And they were attacked and their first boy child was murdered on his 7 years of age. So they left Peshawar and came to Azad Kashmir and continued their ministry in between Muzaffarabad and Bajaur.

    The militants asked Dr. Mehaboob family to stop missionary activites and convert back to Islam with the believers. They offered a big amount to convert back to Islam and join with their group. They very much appreciated the way of the underground ministry Dr.Mehaboob and the team doing. They wanted to utilise his efforts and talents to fight against christianity. Dr. Mehaboob and family totally refused them and boldly said that Christ is our Saviour and we will stand behind His shadow till the last breath of our life. He was beaten several times. Around 15 to 20 people kidnapped the boy Shalom (15 years old) on 8th of August. They forcely and roughly circumcised him. They used iron weights and rusty knives for the circumcision. Then they left the boy back home. He became sick, suffered too much pain, pus came out from penis and could not urinate for two or three days. The militants gave the warning it was only an advance. Dr. Mehaboob approched the Police to file a case. But the police did not register a case, and said that they would be charged against Mehaboob for attempting murder to his son. All the believers gathered in his house everyday and prayed. It made the militants angry.

    On 21st of August, the whole family of Dr. Mehaboob was kidnapped. Believers were beaten severly whenever they try to join for prayers. The police was supporting the militants.

    The militants raped the girls in front of the parents. Sharon, the older girl of 14 years old rebuked, so they cut one of her breasts. Both Shalom and Sharon were brutally killed. The militants left the dead bodies in a ditch alongwith a motorbyke, poured the petrol and burnt them. The police said those are unidentified dead bodies. And made a false statement that it was an accident and the petrol tank of the byke was opened while they were fallen into the ditch and burnt by a spark.

    Since then there was no news about Mehaboob, wife and remaining two girls. It was informed to the related authorities of the government.

    The dead body of Dr. Mehaboob was found near Ratti Galli Pass in Azad Kashmir on October 18. He was 42 years of age. A week later, the body of Paulin Mehabooba (37 years old) was also found at the same place where her husband's body was found.

    Nobody could do anything with the dead bodies for the burial. Because the believers feared it was the trick of the militants to catch the missionaries and the believers. Its might have been eaten by the water creatures or some wild animals from the forest.

    There is no news about Sherin (11 years old) and Shelvin (7 years old), the remaining daughters of Dr.Mehaboob family.

    Believers are under the great trouble and fear. They are forcely over controlled by the militants. Not alloweded to pray or not even to speak a single word about Christ or Christianity or Christians

    Related with the same incident, tribal people and their leaders also being murdered by the militants in the Neelum Valley. They demolished a church and some houses were set on fire.

    The militants are very strong in this region and there are many militant training camps too. Huge amount of money reaching them from outside for their activities. A good amount will be distributed among the local families too. So they highly supporting them. Many of the families compulsarily sending their children for the training.

    Around 80 militants have been killed in an air strike by Pakistani forces on a madrassa used as a militant training camp. The attack took place near Khar, the main town in Bajaur. More than two helicopters involved in the attack.


    At Anycost Jesus Mission started on 1st of January, 2000 as a millenium project for the Underground Ministry for Evangelising Muslim Nations by 18 dedicated missionaries from different Asian and African countries.

    At present there are 78 dedicated underground missionaries serving under this mission in different nations for reaching the Gospel to the Muslim nations and winning them unto the saving power of Jesus Christ at any cost. When they select an area, they find out the prisoners and visiting them in prisons as well as visiting the sick at the hospitals with the love of Christ. By the interest of those prisoners or sick, our missionaries visiting their families and making contact with them. In many houses they see sick or depressed people who don't get enough care and love from the neighbours or relatives, but criticising and abusing unnecessarily.

    The missionaries of the At Anycost Jesus Mission select these kind of families as their first mission field in an area. They love those families and counseling, nurturing, medicating, healing and clothing them with prayers and sharing of the word of God. Sometimes cleaning the house, cooking food, bathing the sick also our volunteers do. Such a concrete relationship they make with each of the families or to say becoming a part of the families. They keep the same relationship with one family to the neghboring families. Our ministers show the christian faith and love to them by dealings, prayers, meditating and sharing the word of God. By the help of the same families they gather children to share Bible stories and showing them funs and other intersting items. Slowly adults also attending to hear the stories and enjoy the programmes. There they start Bible classes for both adults and children alongwith literacy classes.

    Two of the Disciples of Jesus Christ were going from Jerusalem to Emmaus after the resurrection of Jesus. They were going because of the terrible fear of the persecutions that can have from the Jews. But Lord Jesus walked with them without revealing Himself. He talked them with the word of God. He described the glorification of the Son of God. He wanted to know whether they really ask Him to go with them or not. He gave them eat. Then only He revealed Himself before them. Finally we see the Desciples returned back to Jerusalem to have assembly with others. (Lk 13:35). We adopt this way for the ministry.

    A certain young muslim fanatic man who murdered some of our believers accepted Jesus Christ as saviour from Islam, was appointed to destroy the family of one of our international directors by a terrorist group few years ago. But God has enabled him to confess from sins by seeing the child of whom he was poisoned was almost dead and was unconcious around 30 hours got up from the bed miraculously by calling Jesus' Name and also by holding someone's hand from the space. He asked forgiveness to the father of the child and accepted Jesus as his personal saviour and Lord. So his former group tried to kill him, but he escaped miraculously by the grace of our Lord. He studied Bible and Evangelism and involving with the underground ministries in one of the South Asian countries.

    One muslim woman believed Jesus alongwith her husband and two children. Because of the christian faith, her husband was killed and beheaded. Her both children died by Hepatitis without getting any treatment. She suffered a lot in her young age from her brotheren and relatives. By God's grace she married again with a pastor who is also converted from Islam and they both found a mission field and started working with us. There are many missionaries serving like this in different countries.

    At any time we may be murdered by the enemies of the Gospel. But we don't hesitate to say as St. Paul said, "Now I am ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand".

    We don't count our life important in this world. And offer our lives to spread the Gospel to the areas where others think it is impossible to reach them Gospel. It is given in the behalf of Christ, not only believe on Him, but also suffer for His sake.

    We don't show who we are and what we are. We don't project ourselves; but project the life and the mission of Jesus Christ.

    We don't ask anybody to support us. We do not know how long we can be in a particulat station with a permanent address and what will be happening next in our lives.

    We do not think the financial support is the most important one for the ministry. It is important; but not most important. God's grace, our prayerful life according the Word of God and dedicated witness for glorifying our Lord are the most important. Do our duty best in His service as the Holy Spirit guides. If He wants, He will provide our needs and we thank and praise our Lord for His provisions. If we face financial crisis, we praise and thank God for giving us more time to pray and worship to renew our dedication and to be recharged the spirit of courage. We live and serve by faith alone.

    We don't want to say anything more about ourselves, for we fully believe that God carefully listening our works and He take care of our protection and our needs.


    At Anycost Jesus Mission
    email: [email protected]