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Mom's job

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests & Praise' started by evenifigoalone, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. evenifigoalone

    evenifigoalone Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2013
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    So my mom is going to apply to a couple jobs, and hopefully finally get out of the one she's had for five years with the cab company. Basically her hours there are long and wear her out and her pay varies a ton since it's based on how many runs she gets--some days she doesn't bring much of anything home
    She's wanting to apply for a job with Amazon. Which I didn't like the sound of because I've heard bad things about they treat their workers, but apparently someone from her church works there and recommended it to her. And she would be making $15 an hour if she got it, so I guess it sounds good.
    She was also thinking of applying at the credit union.

    I've been telling her for years she needs to leave the cab company, and lately it seems to be taking a toll on her health as she's been talking about feeling weak. So I really, really hope she's successful in finding a better job

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