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Music Writers and Lyricists

Discussion in 'Music Ministry' started by Choctawman, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Choctawman

    Choctawman New Member

    Sep 15, 2007
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    Hello all! :wavey:

    I'm da new guy, 'Choctawman' and I have music in my soul! One of my gifts from God is the ability to express a thought or emotion in music. I 'feel' a piece of music and understand the message it sends - no words needed! :thumbs: I sing in our choir and sort-of play piano but, am really out of practice. I do find that I am closest to the Lord when I am surrounded by good Christian music.

    Some time ago I decided all by myself I wasn't going to make a living writing music so, I put it away and went my way. I figured that some day I'd give it another try when I had found a 'secure' place in life. Lots of years later (more than I like to admit) I felt I needed to use the talents God gave me and not let them waste away. So, to have something to show for my "God given" talents I am hoping to put some music together that will be a blessing to people.

    My style is not fixed on any one style but, varies depending on the thought that is being expressed. I do enjoy good praise and worship music that conveys a solid message to people. I want to write music that can be used in church without becoming a 'production'.

    My shortcoming is that I am not very good with lyrics. It is a big struggle for me to put words to music but, I can do the opposite much more easily (put music to words). So, I am looking for people with poetry, prose or verses that they would like to put to music. This is something I do solely to bring glory to God and not something I plan to publish and try to make $$$ on. If I were to use someone's work for a piece of music, they would certainly be credited for that without hesitation.

    If you would like to discuss this with me here or privately, I am happy to do so. I love to tell a story in music that give a lesson, opens one's heart and mind and is a blessing to someone. Music that meets people at their point of need is what I believe the Lord wants me to provide and I want to start doing just that while I still have the time.

    A more recent piece is an untitled hymn called "Come to Jesus" by Chris Rice and I hear it on our Christian radio station from time to time and I just love it! What a beautiful picture of the message of salvation! :applause: One of my buddies at church said the first time he heard it he was driving home and had to pull over until the song was done because it made him cry... Now, that's powerful!

    Please feel free to send me a PM :type: if you would like to share your work or if you have something you feel would go well set to music, I would love to discuss that with you sometime.

    Serving our Risen Savior!