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My Commentary- Rant/ Rave on Politics Today!

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by windcatcher, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    And we're all fools if we think voting for a party will make a difference. Both parties are run by people who have the same agenda of globalization, removal of boundaries, removal of sovereignty, population control/reduction, regulation and control, removal of property rights, redistribution of the 'wealth', distruction of personal allegiances-loyalties-nonconformity-dissention, abolishing laws based upon 'absolutes' as 'religiously oriented morality' and changing and interpreting laws accoring to relativity to social values and relavance....subject to change and control of 'majority rule'..... Except that they control the mind set of the majority through the media and repression of dissention.

    We are all fools if we vote for a Democrat or a Republican expecting 'change' ...... unless we vote for those few 'out cast' in each party who refuse to conform to the status quo of party leadership. The big word is CHANGE in politics. Well people have been voting for CHANGE. They did so in 2004 and Kerry almost took Ohio.... but he belongs to the same fraternity of Skull and Bones as GW.... and refused to contest the corruption of the vote. (Yes, its a plausible 'excuse' that the memory of the 2000 election court contest was still a shadow which he didn't wish to raise.) We saw CHANGE in 2006 when the Democrats took the majority in the House and Senate and Nancy Pelosi demanded an end to the war.... and since they have given GW every thing that he requested.... and given us nothing but lip service. Not all CHANGE is good: But, like it or not..... all things change over time.... it is inevitable and not something that requires VOTING for it to occur.

    We need to start looking at ISSUES and the moving force behind the issues... Who is profiting from the ISSUES? When individuals or politicians present issues as dooms-day emotional appeal 'we must do some thing NOW' approach... chances are there's an agenda of profit and benefit to those behind the issues: They speak before us concerned citizens, and they appeal to our emotions... the most basic is that of survival, and they get sponsor ship by recognized politicians or artist or media... and, when enough momentum is stimulated among us to for a PAC, immobilize such groups to carry their agenda and represent 'the voice of the party... or the voice of the people' to cause 'change'. .......What form does 'CHANGE' take? It means more laws. Laws that change little....but make us think they change something: Laws are made which create regulations which 'we the people' must conform to, or which increase citizen surveilance, but which have loopholes which exclude certain 'elite' or 'already self-regulated' groups(which we're presumed upon to believe what 'they' tell us -if we THINK enough to question).

    So.... go to the polls and VOTE you stupid citizens who think you can CHANGE anything. Look at who your party is pushing most.... and VOTE with the pack, the most favored, the ones your party pushes forward and support. Look at the incumbants and do the right thing and VOTE THE BUMS OUT. But look deeper at the replacements offered to you. Listen carefully and look deeper to see WHY they are promoted as the best for you to pick. BUT MORE IMPORTANT, look to see if there is a more interesting resistance or reason why other wannabes in your party are not promoted favorably. Some of them aren't liked because they will tell you the truth about what they'll do whether the 'party' wants you to hear it straight or not. Others aren't liked because they belong to the 'party' based upon a philosophical and historical ideal which the party represents to most Americans.... but the movers behind their 'party' no longer represent and goes against their agenda when in power.

    And do not be alarmed, if you succeed in voting in a 'renegade' from the 'party', a non-conformist, an out cast, and he/she meets with resistance among the ranks of other law makers: And do not be alarmed when you vote in a new and familiar 'home guy' who you know well.... and just know what he stands for......but he takes his place in office and then surprises you but voting for what you thought "he would never do that." You see, behind the scenes in taking office.... and in politics, theres an orientation of sorts... or a briefing or repetitive briefing ......'propaganda' ..... which is fed constantly to them from PACs and party leaders: They are encouraged to conform. They are promoted to positions or committees or appointed to offices because of their cooperation with those who hold the real agenda. They may even be encouraged into traps and ensnarements which will be of benefit to black-mail them into conformity or punishment.... like the recent govenor of NY. (I don't believe it was an 'accident' that a private investigation is 'leaked' when he starts calling for a reinvestigation of events which might have impact on our understanding of 9-11).

    Unfortunately, many do not see that the real scandal is that both parties have us thinking we have a choice: But neither is candid that their agendas may differ on the way some things are done but their agendas converge on a common outcome. They both 'placate' us which 'choices'. Unless we take initiative to vote for the party outcast within, or vote for an independant, we will not get change except in personality, names, and faces only.

    One definition of insanity has it that a person will do the same thing over and over with the same outcome and continue to do that expecting different outcomes.

    As a side note: Many of us believe the elections have been rigged or corrupted or that frauds and mis-counts continued since our enlightened awareness of the 2000 election. Why aren't we angry and changing things in this most fundamental area of our rights and privileges of citizen-ship? ....... More over, If our presidential candidates.... all of them former Senators aren't speaking up on this, making an issue of it or haven't made issues of it when they had the power of their Senatorial offices...... how can we trust them to represent us and our country and our best interest?