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My Economic Plan

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by North Carolina Tentmaker, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. North Carolina Tentmaker

    Sep 19, 2003
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    :thumbs: Eliminate Mondays. :thumbs:

    That’s it, nothing more complex than that.

    Everyone hates Mondays.

    Studies have shown that it is the worst day of the week as far as productivity, efficiency, and quality, just do away with it all together.

    We move to a 6 day week. That means that we would only have a 32 hour work week. For a company that pays an employee $10 an hour that means that they have saved $80 a week. So companies would save money, they would be paying out 20% less each week.

    But, employees would be making more. How is that possible with a 32 hour work week you ask? Well because you would have more weeks. Instead of 52 weeks a year there would be 61. So you would get paid for 9 more weeks per year. That is a 17% increase.

    Then factor in the time off. Instead of 52 weekends per year you would get 61. That is 18 more days off, the equivalent of more than an extra month’s vacation (with a 4 day work week)

    So to summarize, if we got rid of Mondays:

    • Companies would be able to reduce labor costs by 20% per week.
    • Employees would make 17% more per year.
    • Everyone would get an extra month of vacation every year.
    • Efficiency, Productivity, and the general level of happiness would improve everywhere.
    Lower cost, more money, more time off, how can we go wrong with that?

    Vote Tentmaker for emperor in '11 and help bring this plan to fruition.:laugh: