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My Paraphrase Of Psalms 1-4

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Rippon, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Rippon

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    Dec 12, 2005
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    You'll have to guess what version I based this on . I deliberately tried to vary the words , but did not always succeed . I did not consult other versions when I did this . Actually , this little project has been in a notebook of mine minding its own business for more than two years . So out it comes into the view of the public .

    Psalm 1
    1) The Lord blesses those who do not follow the advice of the ungodly , or associate with the unrighteouss , or sit down with mockers .
    2) Their pleasure is to be under the instruction of the Lord . And on that law they ponder continually .
    3) They are like trees fed by flowing water . They produce fruit at the right time . And their leaves do not fall . They are successful in all they do .
    4) Evil people are not like that . Instead , they are like the dust that the wind sweeps away .
    5) In the same way the wicked will be swept away at the time of judgment . And sinners will not be among the assemblies of the godly .
    6) That is because the Lord knows the way of the righteous , but the way of the wicked will lead to their destruction .

    Psalm 2
    1) Why are the nations angry and plan evil ? It will be useless . 2)The rulers of this world try to conspire against God and his anointed One saying :
    3) "Let's break these chains that confine us . Let's yank off these fetters ." 4) Yet the One who sits in the heavenlies is laughing . The Lord has scorn for them . 5) He will speak to them in his fury , and terrorize them in his rage . He will tell them : 6) "As for me , I have established my king on my holy mountain of Zion ." 7) I will declare my decree . The Lord told me , " You are my Son , today I have become your Father ." 8) Just ask me , and I will make all the nations your inheritance . The whole earth will be your property . 9) You will rule them with an iron rod and smash them to bits like pieces of pottery . 10) Therefore you kings , be wise . I am warning you rulers of this world . 11) Serve the Lord with reverence . And be joyful though quaking with fear . 12) Kiss the Son so that he will not be angry and destroy you as you go on your way . Because you know that his rage is quick to boil .

    Psalm 3
    1) Lord I have so many enemies ! Many are opposing me . 2) Many are saying that God will not deliver me from my troubles . 3) But you , Lord , are my shield , and my glory -- the One who raises me up . 4) I pleaded with the Lord , and he answered me from his holy mountain . 5) I laid down and slept . I woke up and the Lord gave me strong support . 6) I will not be afraid of even thousands who align themselves against me at every side . 7) Rouse yourself Lord ! Save me , my God ! You will hit all my foes on their cheeks . You will break the teeth of evil people . 8) Salvation is through the Lord alone . May your blessings fall down on your people like rain showers .

    Psalm 4
    1) Answer me when I call to you God . You are the One who gave me my righteousness ! You gave me relief when I was needy . Please be merciful to me and listen to my prayer . 2) Noble ones , how much longer will my honor be turned into disgrace ? How much longer will you cherish empty words and chase after lies ? 3) Know this , the Lord has reserved the godly for himself . The Lord listens when I call on him . 4) Be agitated , but don't sin . Contemplate while at rest and be still . 5) Offer acceptable sacrifices and have faith in the Lord . 6) There are many who say : " Who will show us some benevolence ? Show us your radiance Lord !" 7) You have given me more enjoyment than others have with an abundance of grain and wine . 8) I will lie down in peaceful sleep , because you alone Lord make me live securely .