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Name the Most Profound Changes in Faith & Church in Your Lifetime...

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by righteousdude2, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. righteousdude2

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    I'd love to hear ALL your responses. Just as technology and time have brought about changes in this world, our society has pressured the church to make changes in order to remain relevant and current with an ever changing demographic of young people.

    So, what will your answers be in regard to what things you consider to be the most profound changes within the church and ones faith in the present day versus the church of yesteryear?

    Again, for me, it is the growing support for same-gender marriage within the church and the pastorate.

    Secondly, it is the ability to access the Bible, and its many different versions, at the mere touch of a PC keyboard. It almost makes holding a Bible in my hands, a thing of the past.

    Third, and not the least by any means, is the lukewarm nature of the church regarding social, sexual, political, theological and moral issues that the Bible is clear on.

    Finally, the church is not a warm or friendly as it once was. It has become less like a family, and more like a place to go to in order to do a duty, and then return to your life [often] far and removed from the church itself. In fact, if it weren't for the core workers/believers, most pastors have around them, things may never get done. Volunteers are very hard to get. For instance, now, instead of parents volunteering in the nursery, most churches have to hire [employ] an outsider to work as a nursery worker.