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Nascar at Michigan

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by ccrobinson, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. ccrobinson

    ccrobinson New Member

    Jan 12, 2005
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    After last week's disaster at Watkins Glen, I had pretty much given up on Dale Jr. In fact, I had a post written for this very board to that effect and didn't post it because I didn't have time to edit it properly before posting.

    After yesterday's race, my faith has been restored. It doesn't even matter that he didn't win the race, because how he got there restored my faith in his ability as a driver. He drove the exact same line for every one of the last 40 some laps or whatever the last run was. He didn't deviate from that line, never brushed the wall, and it wasn't until he wore his tires out trying to catch the leaders that he didn't have the fastest car on the track. It's been 5 years since you heard the phrase "Earnhardt has the fastest car on the track" at the end of a race.

    Do you want to know why Dale Earnhardt Jr hasn't won any races in over a year? There's a very simple reason.

    His cars haven't been good enough.

    That's it. That's all it comes down to Dale Earnhardt Sr, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon, etc., never won a race where they had a car that wasn't capable of winning the race. We can talk about driver attitude and focus and that sort of stuff, but it's mostly the car and the rest of it, to quote one of my favorite movies, is "smoke-filled coffeehouse crap."

    Speaking of having bad cars, where's all the talk about the wonderful Crybaby Busch and how talented he is and how much of a great driver he is? He's a 15th place driver this year and has been a total underachiever. Has Crybaby forgotten how to drive a Cup car this year? Of course not. What's his problem? His cars haven't been as good this year as they were last year.

    If you saw the ending of the Nationwide race, you know exactly why I call him Crybaby. Brian Vickers did absolutely nothing to earn Crybaby's anger other than Vickers was trying to beat him for the win.

    I love this line from the Rick Bonnell's article from The Charlotte Observer.


    Pot, meet the kettle.

    Between Crybaby showing off why he's a crybaby and losing and Earnhardt finally finishing 3rd and running so well, it was a wholly satisfying weekend of racing.