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Numbers 17, Aaron's Staff buds

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by Barry and Helen Setterfield, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. Barry and Helen Setterfield

    Dec 28, 2002
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    There are a number of incidents in the Bible which might very possibly have 'naturalistic' explanations -- such as the plagues in Egypt (although the announcement of them, the ceasing of them, and the timing of them could certainly all be considered miraculous), which were discussed in the Exodus studies. But there is no possible natural explanation for those things which are considered direct miracles, and this chapter contains one of them.

    God formed the Israelite nation out of one man's progeny. He formed it at least in part to show Himself to the world in terms of character: His love, His mercy, His requirements (law), His patience, His punishments, etc. And it was not for nothing the Lord had referred to the Israelites as a 'stiff-necked people'. Again and again they had disobeyed and flat-out rebelled. In chapter 16, we see a full-fledged insurrection against Moses' leadership aborted by God. But He is not finished teaching the Israelites that He means what He says yet.

    In this chapter we see the order given to Moses regarding the collection of staffs (the symbol of tribal leadership) from the leaders of the 12 tribes. The name of each leader is to be written on his own staff, and Aaron's name is to be written on his staff. This way there will be no mix-ups; no confusion.

    The staffs are to be put in front of the Tabernacle and God will cause one to sprout and bud. This will be the staff of the man God Himself has chosen to be high priest over the people.

    Aaron's staff had, overnight, not only budded, but also blossomed and produced almonds.

    There is no POSSIBLE way a length of long dead wood, which had been stripped of its bark and smoothed down for a staff, and then used for years, would grow in and of itself. The cells carrying the sap would have been stripped away, as they are just under the bark. No roots. No water.

    And overnight it buds, blossoms, and produces nuts.

    The Lord then instructs Moses to leave Aaron's staff in front of the Testimony -- either in or near the Ark of the Covenant, along with the jar of manna and the tablets with the Law.

    How significant these four items are! The Ark -- the symbol of God's covenant with man, promising a Messiah, a Savior.

    The manna -- God's constant provision for His own.

    The law -- God's gracious hedging in away from danger for the obedient.

    The budded staff -- God's personal leading of those who are His.

    The people's reaction to all this? The usual. Panic.

    "We will die! We are lost, we are all lost!"

    They have SO much still to learn about the Lord!


    (A special thank you to everyone for your patience again. Barry was on a trip giving lectures and has just now been able to settle down for work on these studies again.)