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Obama continues the lies

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by steaver, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. steaver

    steaver Well-Known Member
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    Aug 25, 2004
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    Non Baptist Christian
    Obama continues to promote the lies that were perpetuated by the race mongers in the Zimmerman witch hunt trial even after all the evidence reveals Zimmerman acted in self defense against the attack by Trayvon Martin.

    The Zimmerman case had nothing to do with gun violence. Using a gun to stop another person from killing you or hurting you is not gun violence. Lie #1.

    Two tragedies here;

    1) A young man was either not properly raised to be a peacemaker in Christ, or he refused to listen when he was told. This lead him to attack another human being and causing his own premature death.

    2) Politicians and racist activist influenced a legal system and put an innocent man through unnecessary anguish changing his life forever.

    How could we prevent these future tragedies? We could teach our children that sucker punching and trying to beat another person to death could cause your own death, and that Jesus/God condemns such behavior. We could say no to these racist activist who just want to keep America divided and not bow down to their demands to witch hunt people who have no evidence of wrong doing.

    To suggest that Trayvon Martin should be honored for his attempted murder of George Zimmerman is appalling. President Obama should have been commending the truth which has been revealed and that the truth has exonerated a man falsely accused by the media and by racist around this country.

    Even after hearing the evidence which proves Trayvon was beating the crap out of Zimmerman we still hear all the racist repeating the same old lines..."a young child going to his father's house with some skittles was hunted down and shot to death". Racist do not care what the evidence revealed. Obama does not care what the evidence revealed, he continues to beat the drum, the lie that Trayvon was innocent and murdered.

    Trayvon was the thug (at least in this case), there is no evidence that he was lead by the Spirit of Christ nor that he possessed the Spirit of Christ. But in this fairytail land that we live in, even these church goers believe that somehow everyone that dies gets to go to heaven. Sadly, according to the scriptures, it doesn't look like Trayvon made it there, but God knows for sure. We can only hope that as a little child he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour but was never properly raised and disciple.