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Old school readers

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Alcott, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Alcott

    Alcott Well-Known Member
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    Dec 17, 2002
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    This is so trivial, it's embarrassing. But for some reason, every once-in-a-while, I get the idea of wanting to get a look my old readers from elementary school. I've tried looking them up, and have found very few that I remember. I can find some old Ginn readers with characters that I remember, mainly Tom, Betty, and Susan from those early grades; but it's not those I really want to look at, although for the purpose of how my reading/learning developed, I guess they may be pertinent. Some other titles I remember can be found-- and the books aren't online, of course, but you can know some copies are still around somewhere-- such as Finding New Neighbors and Under the Apple Tree. But those I don't remember anything about other than the titles. One of which I would like to actually find a copy available would be Better Than Gold, as it was my introduction to the story of the Wright Brothers, and something about developing the vaccine for smallpox (Jenner?), and a boy who fishes through a knothole and snags one too big to pull through the hole. And another one I would like to find is High Roads, with stories about forest fires, and one about a man offered a free turkey for Thanksgiving but not told he has to shoot the turkey himself.

    A lot of these books and stories, of course, are very non-PC, and that may figure into why some can't be found. Another one that I can find was about a fawn that got lost from his mother, and the book is all about him growing up while trying to find her and meeting all his new friends [animals] in forest situations-- seemed to have been a Bambi ripoff. But that kind of book is PC, so that may explain why it can be found at several sites.

    Anyway, is it weird, or even unspiritual, to think about wanting to retrace our learning development by means of what we had to read in our early grades in school? Or just plain fluff? Either way, I said up front that this is so trivial it's embarrassing :eek:.
  2. abcgrad94

    abcgrad94 Active Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    If it's weird, you can add me to the funny farm list of folks who enjoys all things historical. I think the books you mention are before my time, but I've saved one of my old elementary readers and let my children read from it. The stories in that book would give modern educators a heart attack--one story was of a little girl who walked to the store ALONE to buy a packet of pins for her mother. It's a wonder the poor kid didn't die of a puncture wound or heat exhaustion from walking all that distance. Another story told of some children building a contraption with wooden crates, nails, and roller skates. You have to wonder what their parents were thinking! LOL!

    There's something nostalgic and secure in tracing our roots and re-traveling some "happy" road of old memories.

    You might be able to search out-of-print books or ask if your local library has any archives you could browse. Sometimes you can find old school books at yard sales or church rummage sales.

    Right now I'm into vintage cookbooks, but I'd be happy to keep an eye out for old readers for you.:thumbs:
  3. SaggyWoman

    SaggyWoman Active Member

    Dec 15, 2000
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    It is something interesting to do......may lead to opportunities that are "more spiritual" in nature.