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One of the biggest factors in choosing a president...

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by rbell, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. rbell

    rbell Active Member

    Jan 16, 2006
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    ...it determining the answer to the question, "How good of a judge of people is he? What kind of folks will he surround himself with?"

    That is almost my number one criteria. And no, it's not an easy one...particularly when you are voting in a "community organizer" who doesn't have any experience in hiring help.

    But...go back a few years. I thought Reagan's 2nd term had more errors than the first...(even then, he still was better than anything we've had since). But what does that go to? His choices for assistants were just a bit stronger in the first term (particularly chief of staff).

    Why was Bush such a poor president? Many of his choices were monumental failures.

    But the chosen one is taking it to a new level.

    How can a president be as monumentally stupid (or is it profoundly flawed?) as to choose some of his administration? Let's review:

    • Secretary of the Treasury: Doesn't pay his taxes. And isn't even a good enough liar to fashion a believable study. (BTW, the taxes issue bit many of the messiah's early nominations)
    • Vice-President: Nominated a fella that they have to keep locked up and muzzled, else he says something so stupid as to cause a panic.
    • Attorney General: Manages to appoint a radical who looks the other way when people receiving government grants will help in setting up underage prostitution operations (ACORN, anyone?)
    • Homeland Security Secretary: Was the chief administrator of an absolute train wreck with regards to security and immigration. Repeatedly makes bizarre statements that indicate she could go off the deep end and start rounding up innocent US citizens...while ignoring obvious threats from weird-beards and camel jockeys.
    • Secretary of Defense: Obama excoriates Bush on all things defense, and then, what does he do? Re-nominate Bush's defense secretary (this probably indicates more about Obama than Gates).
    • Secretary of Energy: This idiot wants to wreck our economy in the name of unproven junk science.
    • Don't get me started about the Czars: Everything from black militants to pedophiles...and we can't do a thing about them!
    Folks, I would propose that being a good judge of abilities & character might be the most important job skill of a president. Sometimes, you have a good man who is terrible at picking folks. Others, you have a poor leader who manages to pick decent help.

    Obama is the worst of all possible worlds: He is an inept, corrupt, and dishonest leader...who surrounds himself with people who are more dishonest, incompetent, and dangerous than he.