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Out of the Deep

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gerhard Ebersoehn, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    page 242
    Appendix to p. 76-78, Out of the Deep “In Afternoon”
    In Part Four, Paul, I quoted Jonathan Edwards, p. 197f,
    “The resurrection of Christ from the dead, is in Scripture represented by his coming up out of deep waters. So it is in Christ’s resurrection, as represented by Jonah’s coming out of the sea; Matt. xii. 40. It is also compared to a deliverance out of deep waters, Psalm lxix, 1, 2, 3, and verse 14, 15. These things are spoken of Christ, as is evident from this, that many things in this Psalm are in the New Testament expressly applied to Christ, (Compare verse 4 with John xv. 25. and ver. 9. with John ii. 17. and ver.2 with Matt xxvii. 34, 48. and Mark xv. 23. and John xix. 29. and ver. 2 with Rom.xi.9, 10, and ver.25 with Acts 1:20.) – Therefore, as the Jewish Sabbath was appointed on the day on which the pillar of cloud and fire rose out of the Red sea, and on which Moses and the church, the mystical body of Christ, came up out of the same sea, which is a type of the resurrection of Christ; it is a great confirmation that the Christian Sabbath should be kept on the day of the rising of the real body of Christ from the grave, which is the anti-type. For surely the Scriptures have taught us, that the type should give way to the anti-type, and that the shadow should give way to the substance.”
    Christ was that Substance, and the Sabbath pointed to Him that Substance and awaited Him for the fulfilment of its substance – not the First Day of the week or of its substance.
    On p. 300f there, I have said,
    Seeing it cannot be denied the day of the entering into God’s Rest is the Day of the Sabbath, one further objection must be considered. It is the problem of the time of Jesus’ entering into Rest through Resurrection from the dead. As says Edwards, “… that the shadow should give way to the substance.”