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Page 1: The Case For The Existence of God

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by George D. Foss, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. George D. Foss

    George D. Foss New Member

    Oct 17, 2015
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    Non Baptist Christian
    Throughout the history of man the question of why the universe exists remains the ultimate nystery for non-believers. No question is more perplexing than why there is a Universe; why there is anything rather than nothing. The fact that anything exists at all anywhere in any way, shape or form is the ultimate universal mystery.. It is the great unknown. It is the fundamental question of all human thought.
    In attempting to answer this question, mankind eventually comes face-to-face with another question. "Does God exist?
    The question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" is accepted as being philosophy's most profound and disturbing question. How this question is answered has a direct and critical bearing on any attempt to argue for God's existence. Isn't it a complete and utter mystery that there should be anything at all? The fact is, nothing could be simpler than nothing -- so why is there something instead? That there should be nothing seems on the face of it more plausible than that there should be something in view of the greater simplicity and naturalness od nothingness as compared to somethingness. And yet there is something. The simple answer is: "There has to be something because we are here to ask the question."
    But how do we define nothing? What are its properties? If it has properties, doesn't that make is some-thing?
    Let your mind go blank. Think of nothing. How can you? When you think of nothing, you need somewhere to put it, it will have form, a shape, even if it appears shapeless. It is something, even if it is a hole in something else. This may sound facetious, but it is inconceivable to think of nothing.
    How do we account for the universe and everything in it? Why doesn't the existence of this universe require an explanation? Why and how did something emerge from nothing?
    The most basic principle of rationality is tha out of nothing, nothing comes; and yet in the case of the universe out of nothing something came. There must be a sufficient cause for the universe to come into being, and that requires that something exist external to the universe. Given that whatever cause space, time, and matter to begin to exist cannot itself be spatial, temporal, or material, we are limited to two possible causes of the universe: abstract objects, or an unembodied mind.