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Pampered Chef Controversy over Abortion

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by hsmom3, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. hsmom3

    hsmom3 New Member

    Oct 18, 2002
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    Pro-Life 'Chefs' Exiting the Pampered Life

    By Rusty Pugh and Jody Brown
    June 16, 2003

    (AgapePress) - A growing number of Christian, pro-life mothers are
    leaving lucrative careers with a national kitchenware company because
    of the new owner's support of abortion.

    "The Pampered Chef" is one of the nation's largest and fastest-
    growing kitchenware companies. The company, founded in 1980 by
    professing Christian and stay-at-home mother Doris Christopher, has
    been driven mostly by stay-at-home moms who sell the products from
    home. The company boasts more than 67,000 "Kitchen Consultants" and
    sales of $700 million annually.

    But now, according to Citizen magazine, many Christian mothers are
    walking away from the company because Pampered Chef's new owner,
    billionaire Warren Buffett, is a huge supporter of abortion. His
    Buffett Foundation, using company profits, has donated tens of
    millions of dollars to abortion-related causes.

    Citizen reports that Buffett's conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway,
    Inc. -- owners of such well-known names as Dairy Queen, See's Candy,
    and Fruit of the Loom -- has funneled millions of dollars to the
    Foundation. The Foundation, in turn, last year donated at least $11
    million to pro-choice and "reproductive-rights" groups.

    Among those recipients are international abortion-provider Planned
    Parenthood, the Population Council -- chief promoter of RU-486 in the
    U.S. -- and International Projects Assistance Services. IPAS,
    beneficiary of a five-year, $20 million commitment from the
    Foundation in 1999, is the principal manufacturer of the suction
    pumps used in abortions. According to Business Week, that financial
    backing permitted IPAS to double its capacity to produce and
    distribute "manual vacuum aspirators (MVAs)."

    According to Citizen, the exodus of Pampered Chef distributors who
    are pro-life is gaining steam. It says resignations of top-selling
    distributors are catching the attention of company officials. Among
    those who have decided to quit the company is Tammy Gillespie of
    Tupelo, Mississippi. She excludes Buffett from her decision.

    "It's not between me and Warren Buffet, it's between me and God,"
    Gillespie says. "I cannot bow before the Lord when I get to heaven
    and have Him look me in the eye and say, 'You knew that your money
    was going to fund abortion.' And that's why I'm quitting the Pampered

    Gillespie says the decision was not a difficult decision for her and
    her husband to make. "We searched God's Word and found a ton of
    scriptures that I believe that God led us to find and know exactly
    where God stands," she says.

    "The Book of James it says if you know what to do and you don't do
    it, it's a sin. So if you know where God stands on something and you
    choose not to do it because of finances or because you like the
    product, it's sin."

    She says there was never any hesitation on her part about quitting a
    company that helps finance the killing of innocent babies. Citizen
    quotes a West Virginia mom and a 33-year-old Arizona mother of three
    who both also have resigned from The Pampered Chef over its financial
    support to abortion-related cayses,

    Buffett purchased The Pampered Chef in September 2002 and remained
    under the management of Mrs. Christopher at that time.

    © 2003 AgapePress all rights reserved
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    Feb 7, 2002
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    I got an email re: this. Thanks for posting. [​IMG]