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Parenting Bible Study

Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by sandybeaches, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. sandybeaches

    sandybeaches New Member

    Apr 11, 2007
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    I'm new here and not sure if I'm posting my question in the right forum, please forgive me if I'm not and point me in the right direction. I'm on a committee at my church to find a parenting bible study. I want one that uses sound biblical doctrine, (not someone's philosophy), and covers principles that one can use for any age group. I'd like it to cover the roles of parents and how putting your spouse before your children is biblical. The only one that I've found so far is one by John MacArthur: Biblical Parenting for Life, but it's out of print. I've not read any of his parenting books but I love his other work that I've studied and read as I feel he uses sound biblical doctrine, but if it's out of print I can't get it! I thought someone here might could help me out with some that you've had experience with in your churches. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks! Sandy