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Pastor Beaten By Radicals While Police Watch

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by I Am Blessed 24, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I Am Blessed 24

    I Am Blessed 24 Active Member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    While distributing Christian literature, Pastor M. Aharon, was mercilessly assaulted by a group of militant Hindus. He was assaulted for converting Hindus and Muslims to Christianity. His face was covered with blood from heavy blows to his mouth and nose. He survived the brutal attack at the hands of Hindu radicals in the town of Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh, located about 300 miles east of Bombay in central India.

    During this violent incident, a mob of over 100 Hindu radicals cheered and yelled in support of the attack on Pastor Aharon, inciting the rest of the crowd to turn against him. Police stood by as the extensive attack was being carried out, and the constables even prevented the pastor from escaping. Only after Aharon could barely hold himself up did police begin to escort him from the tumultuous scene. They carried out their attack plan as a secret mission to keep other pastors from spreading the gospel in India.

    Pastor Aharon, who has led 700 Hindus and Muslims to Christ and has established 12 churches in this community, has outraged radical Hindus and Muslims. When a VOM contact asked Pastor Aharon what was going through his mind during the attack, he said, "I remembered Christ and many others persecuted for their faith in the last twenty centuries."

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  2. Mishelly

    Mishelly New Member

    Jun 3, 2006
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    Karma. The law that good begets good, and bad begets bad. Every action, thought, or decision one makes has consequences – good or bad – that will return to each person in the present life, or in one yet to come.

    Did they not think about there Karma:(

    Non violence: Ahimsa or non-violence is the most important virtue. That is the reason why Patanjali Maharshi has placed it first in Yama. Practice of Ahimsa must be in thought, word and deed. Practice of Ahimsa is not impotence or cowardice or weakness. It is the highest type of heroism. The practice demands immense patience, forbearance and endurance, infinite inner spiritual strength and gigantic will-power.

    The must be lacking in virtue, patience and will power

    I am praying for the Preacher and all involved. I wish I had his courage:praying:

    What I will never understand is why people must hate, we are only wanting to spread the LOVE OF CHRIST

    I know when I get Jehovis or Mormans at my door I get frustrated, but I try to realize that in there own way they are spreading the word of Jesus
    (Please do not take this out of context, I am a Baptist :smilewinkgrin:

    OK, I just Googled for the info on Hindu, sorry for the ads if you are not logged in :tongue3:

    Thank you for the link, those in the field can never get enough prayer for the work that they do