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Pilate's "Judgment Hall"

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by blackbird, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. blackbird

    blackbird Administrator

    Feb 21, 2002
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    Just a few thoughts about Pilate and his face to face encounter with Jesus in that Judgment Hall.

    Luke 23: 1-5, 13-5 tells the story!

    Notice verse 1! Probably the first meeting the two have together! Jesus as God in flesh--knows everything there is to know about Pilate! The Bible says that Jesus KNOWS the thoughts of all men!----He knows what you're thinking right now! Right this very minute! He knows your thoughts "from afar off!"

    Pilate--on the other hand---only has a limited knowledge of Jesus! He knows only what he is taught and has heard.

    I can just imagine them standing there! Face to face! Eye to eye! I wonder?? Is Pilate prepared? Then I think about how I'm gonna face Jesus!

    Here in the Judgment House--Jesus is asked to give account of Himself before Pilate! OOOOOOHH, but I wonder, still, if Pilate understood--one day he is gonna stand and give account of himself before Jesus??

    Skip down to verse 28!! Can you imagine--the two of them going into the Judgment Room?? The Judgment Room was the place were Rome heard civil cases brought from the people! The scribes and Pharasees bring Jesus there--to stand before Pilate!

    But notice the hyprocrisy here!

    The Jews refused to enter the room for fear of defilement!

    "Can't go into that Gentile arena of judgment! No Sir Ree!!!"

    "We'll tarnish our Robes!" "We'll tarnish our phalactories!" "We've got to stay pure for Passover!"

    OOOOOOOHHHHHH, but little did they know---PURE PASSOVER walked into a Gentile judgment hall---ALONE--and stood before the Gentile world!!!

    The Jews who feared going into the hall--they didn't realize---the only one NOT DEFILED--was standing there--in the middle of Gentile defilement!

    Imagine that?? IMPECCABLE UNDEFILEMENT now standing in the very heart of defilement---Yet---remaining impeccably undefiled!!!!

    The four gospels give us great detail as to what went on in that Judgment hall between Pilate and Jesus! But let me sum it up with scripture foundin 1 Timothy 6: 13!! It says that when Jesus was in the hall that "Christ Jesus, who before Pontious Pilate witnessed a good confession."

    Let me share this truth with you!!! OK??

    TRUTH on trial---remains TRUTH!! Amen??

    I got to figuring! What was Pilate doing here in the text---asking all these questions?? I believe that Pilate, through those questions was "throwin' the Roman rulebook at Jesus!" He was comin' at Jesus with everything that Rome had in the Roman law arsenal!

    YET---Jesus comes through unscathed!!! Jesus comes though as FLAWLESS PERFECTION! Nobody but God in flesh could survive Roman council--untouched and unblemished!!


    Halelujah for Christ Jesus! God in human flesh! Dyin' for me!

    Brother David
  2. David Mark

    David Mark New Member

    Jul 11, 2003
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    I find Pilate an interesting fellow too.


  3. blackbird

    blackbird Administrator

    Feb 21, 2002
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    In a way--you almost have to feel sorry for ole Pilate!

    At first he tries to let Jesus go!

    He tries to reason with the people! "I find no fault!"

    Then he tries to bargain with the people! He figures, "I've got this 'hissin' snake' of a prisoner named Barrabas! Surely they'll choose to release Jesus over that Dirt Bag Barrabas!"

    But then in verse 24 of Luke 23--Pilate changes his sentence---in mid stream! Pilate surrenders Jesus to the "will of the people!"

    Now, here's a question that Pilate asked! "What shall I do with Jesus which is called the Christ?"(Mt. 27: 22)

    That's the age old question you need to ask yourself today! "What shall I do with Jesus!?"

    Ask yourself that question!

    Then ask the Holy Spirit "Holy Spirit! Am I saved?" He'll tell you the truth! He'll let you know whether you are or not! Do you think He'll tell you "Yes, you're saved!" when you're really not??