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Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by RevJWWhiteJr, May 3, 2008.

  1. RevJWWhiteJr

    RevJWWhiteJr New Member

    Apr 28, 2008
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    Troubled Day

    There’s a time that is approaching, mankind must be made aware,
    All life will stand in danger, the cloud of evil all will bare.

    Darkness like the plague of Egypt, will be felt throughout the world,
    Every camp caught up in turmoil, every tribe shook to their core.

    All creation will give a shudder, cold chills will clinch the spine,
    As the day, that is approaching, takes its place at the end of time.

    The land will reek in misery, and BEG to be relieved,
    But mercy will have alluded her, as will peace forsake her seed.

    It will seem as God’s forsaking of, the creation of his hand,
    His mirror image left to fiend for itself off a desolate land.

    Degradation will fill the city, with a stench rising up on high,
    The like not seen since the time of old, when fire fell from the sky.

    The evil, unabated, will, indwell the son’s of man,
    To the horror of God’s people, forced to flee with every clan.

    This trouble is like no other, in past or future tense,
    Signs of the times engulf the world who is blind to the sacred sense.

    Refusing to heed the warnings, they swagger toward their demise,
    Histories all time greatest horrors rise, from the pit to claim their prize.

    That day will have no equal, events never seen before,
    Pure undiluted evil, left, unchecked upon the world.
  2. RevJWWhiteJr

    RevJWWhiteJr New Member

    Apr 28, 2008
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    First Fallen

    Our flag in all its glory, with its stars in a field of blue.
    The alternating colors of its stripes stand brave and true.

    Generation by generation it has stood for freedoms fight
    The cost of which was paid in blood by our military might.

    Our brave young souls who held the line and never gave their ground,
    That we may keep the freedom won, so by no one are we bound.

    But freedom is expensive, it demands our most precious prize,
    With the never ending struggle to prevent our own demise.

    The cost of which we can not count as it soars to fearsome heights.
    When the price was paid in full for all, with the first life sacrificed.
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