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Pray for our suffered prayer hall matter

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Grandson, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Grandson

    Grandson New Member

    Oct 28, 2011
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    Dear brethren
    greetings in Jesus
    yesterday i have joined in this web ,, this is great,,
    I Thank you all

    Ten months back our out reach team is established in believers group in a very new village where is no other church..
    This village is with total idol worshipers
    there is no church in this village and there is no christian too
    Lord blessed our team to lead few families to Jesus
    This village is not with good facilities too
    Total people population for this area is more than 1200 families (approx more than 5000 people are in this area..

    We have took some land for three years agreement and built an temporary prayer hall like a big room and started the gatherings here (from 19th Dec 2010)
    God blessed work this work and 15 people are started to gather in this prayer hall
    As we are doing work, two months back non believers are started to make some problems to us.. Few anti christians also joined with then and started to work against us.. They demanded to stop the work here.. because there is no christians in this village..
    They went to talk with Land owner (who is not believer) and convinced him to remove the prayer hall
    Troubles are increased, they prepared to attack on new believers homes too..

    So we decided to keep the new believers faith,, because they are not developed in faith,, and removed the prayer hall on ten days back

    Now the new believers are suffering to gather.. Indian village homes are not fit to gather and sit one place for more than 15 people..
    So we are in trouble
    we are searching for a new land to purchase and build the prayer hall
    Please pray for this matter and please pass this prayer request to good prayer partners..
    Thank you very much... gby all:godisgood: