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Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by windcatcher, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    I hesitate to post this as I am not a prophet, and the following is misleading if not viewed from the standpoint of mere possibilities based upon past experience, recent observations, and a concern for the direction I feel in my gut that we are being led:

    Another posted about amnesty... I would have posted this under that but I wanted to broaden the discussion without derailing that thread:

    I'm not certain regarding the order of things....
    But I do believe amnesty for those illegally here is in the imeninent plans of this administration.....
    And, tied to that or immediately preceding or following it will be a national identification card which will be required for all financial transactions, medical appointments, employment, and for travel and movement even within the US.
    The vunerablity of this form of id to theft will eventually prove a persuasive agreement by people to accept chipping RFID.

    I also believe that our continued involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, the impact of drones sent into Pakistan to blow up targets we consider as enemies will escalate..... will culminate in a war (possibly nuclear) in which our soldiers are the sitting ducks in an area surrounded by hostilities against the US and Israel. I further believe that it is likely that China will grow impatient with our debt, and further its nationalistic ambition on the testosterone of a frustrated military for dominance, maybe ally with North Korea and its crazy warmongering heads.... and declare war on the US. Yes, I do believe it is quite likely that we will be the recipients of a nuclear attack, from where, I don't know.... but I have concerns that countries south of our borders and in the east regard our consumption and our dominance and manipulators in international affairs instead of us as friends and compassionate responders in crisis.

    I further believe that the outcome of our bailouts to big business and banking and the foolish expenditures of stimulus debt, added to the constriction of our money supply and credit at home and the constriction of our own industry and failure to develop our own resources, both for renewable energy and the oil supply within our ground, will lead to further stagnation of our economy. Essentially 'blackouts' in availability of transported goods into some areas will occur, increasing dependence on local production for food supply.... and the inability of farmers to finance their need for fuel and chemicals and trustworthy seeds to meet the local food basket needs will be reduced; The corporate farms, contracted to or owned and run by big food corporations... SYSCO, ADM, etc., will supply food to the highest bidder on the globalist market based upon profit, and our debt, which others have bought, will finance and out bid our own ability to pay and we will find ourselves limited in variety as well as purchasing power. Whether as the result of natural events, economic events, or warfare..... or any combinations of those, we will find ourselves in a food ration and famine regardless of production.

    The government will become increasingly disturbed over the mal-contents and criminal elements of its people and, with increasing disappointment in its attempts to control by institutions of programs or by enforcement and regulation, will increasingly view the people as its enemy... and particularly those who might possess the greatest fortitude of motivation and determination to pull others through a crisis. It will target the very ones which could be its strength in crisis as it becomes more and more disconnected from the people.

    The gospel of socialism will continue mixing within our religious institutions, particularly those of higher education and continue to leaven the church. Eventually, the cooperation and organization of churches united in common affirmations of doctrine, moral position, and direction will become broken and divided as they take their eyes off the Master.... who is Jesus Christ, and become increasingly caught up in the affairs and ills of the world and try to become the social solver to the problems of man rather than the spiritual solution in answer to a spiritual problem in a fallen world. Eventually the cooperation of church organizations will either become supportive of both the good and the bad of government policy without moral conscience. Other churches will find themselves independent of previous associations and cooperation and contending for the faith within their own community. Some may be divided further into 'home churches' as the result of reduced economic support and increasing limits of transportation. Some will find their numbers increased as more people seek the church for help and answers to their increasing problems.... or to participate and coordinate response both spiritual and material support to their communities.

    Crisis, whether caused by man or by natural disasters, will have increasing impact as the economy and the resources to respond are drained.... and the government, who is more depended upon to answer and respond, will, itself, be inept and withdraw: Communities will be greatly shocked to see that little aid comes, til many have died, and others have exhausted both strength and resources.... and the reduced number will be more submissive, content, and controlled by whatever relief is then offered.

    In recent years, we've been part of a hugh experiment in the changing of our money: The denominations have had extraordinary changes in both paper and coinage of their appearance. No one has protested, and, it appears from very few comments which I've heard, that any seem to notice or mind. I believe those who have mastered these changes, have not done so entirely to prevent counterfeit but also to see what our social acceptance would be. Since there has been no protest.... and, if anything, a preference for the new or collections of state quarters (a novel way of acceptance) there will soon be a major change and this may be a valued adjustment which incorporates those of neighboring countries, like Canada and Mexico, or even others of more international exchange.

    If the UN is not the tool by which all nations will submit their sovereignty to be ruled by agreements.... it is surely the predecessor already consolidating and standardizing various regulations of law into a centrally uniform code by which all nations will be governed.

    Increasing regulations, ordinances, and enforcements will restrict the use and availability of herbs and alternative or 'folk' remedies, the planting of food in garden plots, the restriction on possession of animals for food like chickens or goats or dogs for protection and alarm: Restrictions on the family will increase regarding home schooling, discipline, sharing of duties or those of economic production, and activities which may be regarded as 'home industry'. Increasing pressure will discourage population growth and restrict the size of families.

    Health care will be a primary concern and responsibility of the individual and the family. Doctors will be scarce and overloaded: Physician assistants and nurses and pharmacist will be utilized in the treatment of chronic conditions and prescribing medications and antibiotics and consultations with specialist will be difficult to obtain. Immediate surgeries like appendectomies, will be performed, but cancer and some bypass surgeries may drop to waiting list of 'elective surgery' unless an immediate life threatening need can be demonstrated.

    The control and condemnation of properties will increase to benefit the aesthetics of environmentalist or community codes over the ownership and use of private property or the need for shelter, and homelessness will increase.
  2. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Very Insightful Post... A Must Read!

    First, and foremost, this is a must read post...

    Windcather has posted personal observations based upon the things he sees going on around us, and what he feels in his gut. Some may call it simple predictions. Others may call it prophetic. And others will place his vision solely on his "gut." But, however you see this post, it is filled with valuable nuggets that all Christians and Americans need to take to heart....

    The little things that most Americans have not taken notice of, like the subtle changes in our paper currency, continually tweaking it into the new and improved colorful funny money - some would call it Monopoly like - resembling and being used by other nations around the world. And it is a sign of the coming union between Mexico and Canada with the US, and under the instance of the EU.

    I appreciate his adding separately, to my post on Amnesty, and believe that his words as well as mine, need to be taken with a sense of urgency and concern.

    There are subtle changes going on all around us, in all fazes of the government, at all levels of the government - local, state, and federal -and these small subtle changes add up to something much larger being over the horizon.

    Like the book/movie title: "Something, Wicked, this Way Comes!" Christians need to fall on their knees and pray, because like the Lord warned us, His second coming will be like a thief in the night!" It is quite apparent, that within nature and society, we are starting to actually experience and feel the "birth pangs" of end time prophecy.

    HOWEVER, until that glorious day, when we are gathered and taken to heaven, we need to keep the faith; preach the Word; of the Gospel message; harvest the crops; and when and where it is possible, remain active in our society, active enough to make the hard changes needed to remove the arms of corruption in our nation's political system through the instruments given to us by our founding fathers: Vote, and start the changes within America at the ballot box.

    Never forget, that there is true power in prayer, and true power in our inalienable right to have a voice in this nation's affairs, through the right to vote.

    Thanks Windcather... your gut has captured the very essence of what is wrong in this country and the direction it is currently headed in without prayer and intervention through making changes at the ballot box starting this November...


    Pastor Paul :type:
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