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Pro abortion, prejudiced.... CHRISTIAN??

Discussion in 'Free-For-All Archives' started by dianetavegia, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. dianetavegia

    dianetavegia Guest

    Most of you know my (step) father died a few weeks ago. We're having a memorial service for him locally the first week of June. A number of my relatives (who are not related by blood to my step father) will be coming from another state to this service. We've not been in contact with them for a number of years. The last time we were together, I asked my aunt and uncle to please not use certain language or discuss certain things in front of my children. They are very "devout church going Baptists". My aunt says, "You can't find a finer Christian woman than me" (meaning herself). My uncle will say, daily, that he doesn't have any problem with N---ers. Everybody should own at least one. My uncle does not believe that anyone other than white people will be in heaven. They also are quite proud that they paid for abortions for their girls and spared them embarassment or trouble in their young lives. They criticize us for not having our daughter get an abortion, and did so in front of the precious little boy she brought into the world!

    I actually am dreading seeing them again. I've raised my children to respect persons of all colors and that abortion is murder. My 26 year old son will not stand by quietly when uncle makes his ugly remarks... but we belong at this service much more than they! My 31 year old son will most probably shun them.....

    Any advice? I feel like my family group needs a plan so this service is not spoiled for my mother. Uncle is her brother. BTW... I am only 11 years younger than my uncle so he is 63.

  2. Jude

    Jude <img src=/scott3.jpg>

    Jan 11, 2001
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    Tough situation indeed. WWDLD? (What would Dr. Laura do?) [​IMG] I guess she'd probably say that you are not obligated to let them into your home. Perhaps telling them, in no uncertain terms, that this-kind of language will not be tolerated, is the answer. And then, if they do 'act up', show them the "left foot of fellowship." Sounds harsh, but I think that's what Dr. Laura would say, and I know that's what I would say too.
  3. blackbird

    blackbird Administrator

    Feb 21, 2002
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    Sticky situation, Sister!

    Distance yourself from them at the funeral and after the funeral! Say to yourself, "I will be cordual and polite but I'll do it from a distance!"

    Ain't it stupid, though?? I've got um in my Louisiana family like that! I've got um in Mississippi like that! My wife has um talkin' nonsense like that in her family over in Alabama!! Ignorance! But ignorance is no excuse! "Professing themselves with their lips to be wise--but with their hearts they are far from Me"--the verse goes somethin' like that!

    Just hang around your husband at the funeral--tell him what you're tellin' us and tell him to take a stand--"Smart mouths" usually don't have such a smart mind!

    Your Southern Baptist preachin' buddy,
  4. Lala

    Lala New Member

    Feb 21, 2003
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    Your boys were raised right, by you, and they are full grown men, who are responsible for their actions, and words.

    I would remind them that this service was for grandma.........but if this aunt and uncle show no respect, and the boys so feel led to call them out in love........

    Again, they are full grown men.

    I think that's cool that they won't sit by and let the ill behaved, be ill behaved!!

  5. dianetavegia

    dianetavegia Guest

    Thanks Everyone! I just realized while reading Laura's answer that we'll be the majority there! With all my kids, grandkids, hubby, aunt Edith and her adult daughter.... Well, we number about 15. Uncle Fred and his wife and the one daughter coming are only 3 people. The relatives of my step father, who do not know my uncle, are wonderful God fearing families and I think my uncle would not speak out to 'strangers' like he does to his own 'kin'.

    However, I'm going to step back and let my grown sons be the men I raised them to be and we'll be polite but separate, as commanded in scripture.

    Thanks again! Great and supportive replies! I feel at peace about this now.

    Love to all,
  6. Wisdom Seeker

    Wisdom Seeker New Member

    Jul 17, 2002
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    This is my advise, pray first. And figure out how you will deal with it before the day. Memorize those scriptures on the power of the tongue and loving your neighbor and use them. The word of God is the sword of the Lord. And tell your children, that it's easy to love the lovable, but God's word tells us to love the ones who don't make it easy, too. Love as Christ loves us. Only grace makes this possible.

    Diane, just reading your post made me wince. I didn't know people like that still existed in the world. It's funny how people perceive themselves to be...the "finest Christian" would have at least read the book of Proverbs. I'll be praying for you. I'm sure God's got it all under control, you just keep your chin up.

    In Christ,

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