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Putting God Back In First Place

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by HeDied4U, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. HeDied4U

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    May 6, 2001
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    **If You've Left Your First Love, It's Not Too Late To Return**

    Maybe your relationship with God has stalled or
    stagnated. Perhaps you're attracted by the world, but
    jaded by the church. You even may have spurned the faith
    you once embraced. Or you might just wonder if God's love
    ever could satisfy you again.

    It can. Jesus repeatedly challenges His followers to
    love Him, not just serve Him. Devotion always precedes
    duty. If a cold, efficient Christian service has replaced
    the warm, loving relationship you once had with the Lord,
    reignite your heart's flame.

    How? Revelation 2:5 offers a three-step plan for
    reviving your first love for Jesus Christ: "Remember
    therefore from where you have fallen, repent, and do the
    deeds you did at first."


    Remember who Jesus is. Think back to your early walk
    with Christ, when there was no doubt He was the object of
    your affection. Remind yourself of His attributes,
    abilities, and place as your Savior. Recall His love and
    sacrifice for you. You'll have a cross to bear as you
    reject the world, but living under His lordship is the
    only way to truly live.

    Remember who you are. Sharpen the reflection in your
    spiritual mirror. See yourself as a child of the King.
    You are crucified and resurrected with Christ: dead to
    sin, alive in Him. You are no longer a slave to Satan.
    Thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation of Calvary,
    you're free to serve a new master.

    Remember what awaits you. A right relationship with
    Christ offers contentment and blessings, both earthly and
    heavenly. As an obedient believer, you are promised that
    all your needs - financial, physical, emotional,
    spiritual - will be met. And those who overcome for the
    sake of Gods' Kingdom in the end are rewarded with
    special honor, recognition, authority, and intimacy with


    See the importance of repentance. It restores and
    strengthens the intimacy of your cooling spiritual
    relationship. Repentance means a change of thought and
    action. Your conscience may lead you to spot a problem
    and confess it, or friends may point out blind spots in
    hopes of restoring your Christian walk. In severe cases,
    God may intervene with divine discipline, or remove His
    protection to return you to fellowship.

    Stop two-timing God. Put away all other loves that
    might rival Christ. Cease the adultery of idolatry:
    carrying on a love-affair with the world while shutting
    God out of your life. Divided loyalties lead to
    unfaithfulness. True love gives you grace to purify your
    heart and return to Him.


    Think with a new mind. First, use your head, ordered
    by the Word and will of God. Then walk step-by-step
    toward your calling. Learn the mind of Christ. Reprogram
    your thoughts. Meditate on His truth. As a believer, you,
    like a butterfly, have all you need to fly - if you'll
    reject the caterpillar mindset.

    Prioritize God's Kingdom. When you love someone, that
    person's interests become yours, too. The Kingdom was
    Jesus' top earthly concern. He never forgot that His
    treasures were in heaven, not on earth. Reflect that
    perspective of faith on your finances and resources.
    Make God the master of your choices; live one day at a
    time, without worry or anxiety, trusting in His ability
    to provide.

    Care for the church. As part of Christ's family, you
    are commanded to help others. Comfort those who are
    misunderstood, hurt, rejected, tired, or weak. Work with
    others to encourage and to stimulate love and good deeds.
    Share, sacrifice, or pool resources to meet needs. You
    many have to confront, speak the hard truth in love, or
    even draw away from a backslider to avoid encouraging or
    participating in his sin. But always care enough to
    restore one who has repented of sin. It's part of helping
    to bear another's burdens.


    God Bless!!!

    Adam [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (courtesy of 'Live It' by crosswalk.com)