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Real Christianity

Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by Deacon, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Aug 23, 2002
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    William Wilberforce, the British Parliamentary member aptly portrayed in the movie, AMAZING GRACE [LINK] was used as an instrument by God to help bring an end to slavery in the British isles.

    I’ve heard a lot about him through Chuck Colson’s ministry but up to now I’ve never having read anything by him.

    That changed yesterday when I picked up “REAL CHRISTIANITY” [LINK] at the local book store.

    Revised and updated by Bob Beltz (since many might struggle to read flowery 17th century English)

    The book brings up recollections of some of the books I read as a youth, (Paul E. Little and Bill Bright); it’s practical Christianity not overtly burdened with heavy doctrinal distinctions.

    I find it simply astounding that it was written just after the birth of our nation.
    There are some interesting historical sections that make this most poignant.
    At one point he quotes from William Robertson’sHistory of America” who portrays America poorly, writing:

    “It is a compound of pride and indolence, and selfishness, and cunning, and cruelty; full of a revenge that nothing could satiate, a ferocity that nothing could soften; strangers to the most amiable sensibilities of nature.

    They appear incapable of conjugal affection, or parental fondness, or filial reverence, or social attachments; uniting too with their barbarism, many of the vices and weaknesses of polished society.”

    He's wrong of course, this depicts only the Baptist portion of America. :laugh:

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