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Renegade Pastors

Discussion in '2000-02 Archive' started by tyndale1946, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. tyndale1946

    tyndale1946 Well-Known Member
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    Aug 30, 2001
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    I keep reading these different stories here on Pastors that are allowed to be Overlords and Dictators. The sad thing about it is no one steps up and tries to do anything. If they do they are going against the Pastor and the church and they are the one truly in the wrong and not the Pastor. I know this is a fine line and there could be some in the church that just don't like this Pastor. The fact of the matter is unless he agrees with them they wouldn't like the one that replaced him either.

    I can tell you one thing for sure we had to ask one to step down because he was teaching heresy. It didn't take us long to hear where his message was going and warned him but he continued in the practice and we dismissed him. I know the Pastor is accountable to God but it seems some of these Pastors have a personal secret relationship unknown to their congregation and not biblical. They take the word of God and stretch it for their own benefit and the detriment of the flock of God or specific sheep within that flock.

    Unwarranted attacks by a Pastor toward those of his parsonage I don't understand? I know there are some on the BB that I'm partial to more than others but that is not to say I don't like them. I just haven't got to know them as Helen or Doc Cas who I met personally. I can understand heated and passionate discussions here sometimes they get a little lively so to speak. You want to see toe to toe visit the Calvin/Arminian forum we get real lively at times but this is the BB and we are talking about the house of God.

    We need some Pastor accountability in some of these churches and if the person cannot go to the leaders of the church where do they go next? What if you have followed all the gospel steps and the problem has not been rectified but only gotten worse? Then what is the next step... Leave the church to reap the unfruitfulness it has shown?

    The scriptures teach about having an accusation against a brother and the gospel step one must take to restore the fellowship of the brother. The last step is tell it to the church but what if the party who offended was a Pastor? Then it opens up a whole new can of worms and the gospel steps are different when dealing with a Pastor. So what are the proper steps in dealing with some of these stories and renegade pastors? Preacher Maverick you being from Texas... Have you ever corraled one of these renegades?... Brother Glen :eek:

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  2. Jim1999

    Jim1999 <img src =/Jim1999.jpg>

    Aug 10, 2002
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    Brother Glen:
    Hello. I am a retired Baptist minister in Canada and use my time to assist churches in need. I have been invited to assist with a problem concerning one minister of a three-church consortium (not Baptist) under one senior pastor and a junior pastor.
    Some members of the Vineyard organization have influenced the junior pastor and now all sorts of things are happening, including talking about the senior pastor and anyone they disagree with.
    First, I called the two pastors together and discussed the situation with them. This did not bring about any solutions.
    Secondly, I drafted an organizational chart and detailed responsibilities. This was accepted by all three congregations, board members, elders and trustees. Still, the errant preacher did not respond kindly, but made his intentions public one Sunday morning.
    The final action is dismissal of the pastor, and the two "Vineyard" dissidents. A new pastor will be called to serve this one church.
    Sometimes drastic measures are needed, when some disrupt the work of the Lord, and like Paul, we must tell them to their face.
    Perhaps, Glen, in your situation, the same could apply. Call in another minister to minister to the shepherd of the flock. Sometimes matters can be worked out amicably.
    Incidentally, this chap has also been defrocked by the organization which ordained him.
    Sadly, Baptists down through history have had a big fight, split the church and open up shop on the other corner.
    All the best, Glen.

    Cheers in the Lord,

  3. Circuitrider

    Circuitrider <img src=/circuitrider2.JPG>
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    Aug 22, 2000
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    Frankly, I have found a greater problem with the pastor who fails to lead his church. :eek: We have over 200 independent Baptist churches here in Wisconsin, and I can only think of at the most a half dozen (no more than 10) who might have a problem with a dictator pastor as mentioned above. However, I know quite a few pastors who have failed to lead their church and have allowed the deacons or a cabal within the church or even an individual to run the church. Stories are many in certain churches of their running off good preacher after good preacher. :(

    Speaking now as a pastor, I believe we have a greater problem with failure to provide godly and decisive leadership than with dictator pastors. However, we dislike the dictator pastor more because he is seen and obvious, while the sit on the sidelines, do-nothing pastor is often unseen. :cool:

    Whenever there are problems in the church with either people or pastor, they need to be dealt with immediately in a biblical way so the church can heal and go on. Letting them be only allows the problem to get larger and more difficult to deal with later. ;)

    Thats my two cents..... :D
  4. DocCas

    DocCas New Member

    Jul 24, 2000
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    Good stuff, Circuitrider! I wholeheartedly agree. [​IMG]
  5. Abiyah

    Abiyah <img src =/abiyah.gif>

    Jul 22, 2002
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    Tyndale --

    I have said some very negative things about
    some past pastors, but not once have I said a
    negative thing about a Baptist pastor. I have
    nothing negative to say about them. So what
    you are saying scares me, because I sure hope
    that I did not portray on any thread that these
    errant pastors were Baptist; they were NOT!
    These were pastors in a church I belonged to\
    for 50 years, and believe me, I had some
    extreme renegades: dictators, abusers, money
    mongers, etc.

    But the first real pastor I ran into was a Baptist.

    The honest fact is that I do not believe the Baptist
    church to be perfect, but I have not once had a
    problem with a Baptist minister or member.
    Period. Personally, I mean! 8o) That does not
    include people on bulletin boards. 8o)

    As far as the church I had attended, I now under-
    stand that it was a cult.

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