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Romans 6-8, John 14-17, Pauline Epistles

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Christlifter, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Christlifter

    Christlifter New Member

    Jan 19, 2005
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    Sins are actions, or fruit.

    They (sins) descend from the Root (sin, flesh, body of death), which is our sinful Nature itself.

    That's why one must be not born only once with a sinful nature (and then is Hell-bound by constitution and determination), but born again.

    Side Note: It takes the conviction of the Holy Ghost and the use of God's Law for one to see their lost estate as a wilful and constiutional sinner, and then his Conviction to repent and trust Christ as their Lord and Saviour, based on His Atoing Blood, Death, burial, Ressurection. This brings in the New Birth.

    The new birth brings in the Holy Spirit into the heart of the believer, AND ALSO, removes that person POSITIONALLY out of the First Man, the first Adam, progenitor of all sinners, and replaces that person into the Last Adam, The Second Man.

    This is what imputed righteousness does. The Father sees us in Christ, and not Adam. Imputed Righteouness = Justification (if truly had) follows with the New Birth, which inevitably leads to Sanctification.

    CONDITIONALLY, we are given along with the Holy Spirit, a NEW nature. Hence a saved persons new desires, after they trust Christ as Saviour = "New Creature IN CHRIST JESUS"

    That does not mean the old nature is gone (dead to sin), but that the relationship between the new "I" (in Christ)and the old "I" (in Adam), has been severed. I'm not in Adam, but in Christ!

    It may not "feel" like it, but thats why we need to walk by faith (like Abraham), yielding to God, and obeying Him, and not our "feelings" aka sin nature, in humility seeking God, by his Cross to keep it in check.

    The old "I" or root of sin will be removed when the Christian dies and goes to Heaven, since it resides in the mortal body of us all.

    But now there is a new root or "I" in the body and soul of the saved, which stems from Christ-God himself, and the two natures war against each other.

    In a saved person, longitudinally, the new nature wins, but not without a fight from the old nature.

    The key to victory is understanding Romans 6-8, John 14-17, and The Pauline Epistles, so we can be intimate with our Lord and Saviour, so He can actually use our lives, His way!

    I know that is hard to swallow, but it's true!

    As Christians, our Apostle, High Priest, Lord, Saviour, and Sin-Sinner Sacrifice for US = Christ Jesus (who holds all realities atoms togehter, is the one who actually made the 4 dimensional universe, and is the Inheritor of it, and all things in it) wants to live His Life through us, so that our soul-winning, personal walk, and family life is not in our own power, but His, so that it is truly fruitful, and not in vain.

    All because He wants us to know Him, becuase He loves us! WOW!

    If you do not desire that, then Hell is what you desire. God is a perfect gentleman, He gives you what you want. But what He has is OH SO MUCH BETTER THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE!

    I said all that to say this:

    Since one has not the opportunity presented to them by God after death, to have their "root-system" changed,

    (Either due to God foreknowing their choice or refusal, or God's Election is two seperate arguments)

    The root system of sin can never be exchanged, once physical death happens, and that is just the way a Holy, Loving, All-Knowing, Soverign God set it up. = Eternal Seperation/Death in Hell-Lake of Fire.

    "Choose you this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD"

  2. DQuixote

    DQuixote New Member

    Dec 25, 2006
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    Wow. I think I could have said it in 25 words or less, but that doesn't take anything away from your presentation. Keep on keepin' on in Him!