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Sarah Palin: The Xena of the War Party

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by KenH, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. KenH

    KenH Active Member

    May 18, 2002
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    Sarah Palin: The Xena of the War Party

    by Justin Raimondo

    The Palin-mania that is sweeping the GOP reminds me of the publicity surrounding "American Idol," the popular American television program that catapults complete unknowns on to the national stage and gives them a chance at stardom: the anticipation, the gossip, the frenzy (and partisanship) of the fans. In the last days of the old Republic, this is what American politics has degenerated into: "reality" TV.

    Prior to being plucked from obscurity by the neocons who run the McCain campaign, Sarah Palin was a complete unknown. Today, she is the object of a burgeoning cult that proclaims her to be the virtual incarnation of the Republican renewal. And never did a party require renewal like the GOP. What with G.W. Bush's bottom-of-the-barrel poll numbers, after eight years of nightmarish mismanagement on the home front and frenzied recklessness abroad, dispirited conservative intellectuals and activists have been asking themselves "What went wrong?" Now, they don't have to bother with such worrisome introspection, their identity crisis has been indefinitely delayed, all due to the appearance of a messiah on the horizon – Sarah, the new Wonder Woman of the Right.


    McCain and his top advisors are ideologues who care about one thing and one thing only: war. The glory of it, the utility of it, the necessity of it. It's the McCain panacea, like "free silver" was to William Jennings Bryan and socialism was to Eugene Debs. It's his answer to everything: it solves all problems, and, more importantly, stifles all criticism. If you doubt his veracity, question his good intentions, or point out his inconsistencies, you're attacking a war hero, doubting the divine wisdom suffering is supposed to impart.


    Sarah, who looks – and acts – an awful lot like Xena, the Warrior Princess, is the perfect messenger for the GOP's credo of unmitigated militarism. Her speech to the Republican convention was, in large part, a continuation of the theme of the previous night: aggressive nationalism rationalized by religious fervor. The references to God were interspersed with worshipful references to all things military along with a full catalogue of all the current neocon targets: not only Iraq, but Iran, Russia, and "dangerous enemies" who are oil-rich (the Saudis?). The anti-Russian trope has been taken up with special alacrity by the McCainiacs, who are touting Palin's position as commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard and her proximity to the Russkies to highlight her readiness to take the helm in the Situation Room. I wouldn't be too surprised to hear tales of Commander Palin's derring do when confronted with previously unreported Russian incursions across the Bering Strait.

    - rest at http://antiwar.printthis.clickabili...iwar.com/justin/?articleid=13412&partnerID=16
  2. Petra-O IX

    Petra-O IX Active Member

    Aug 23, 2006
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    Sarah Palin warrior Princess. I was wonderin when someone would get that connection.:laugh: :laugh:


    Apr 7, 2007
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    The war talk with Russia, whacked totally whacked

    She clearly needs to bone up with Henry Kissinger or even Condi Rice , but her war talk with Russia was totally off the scale and dangerous.

    I am afraid that Pentecostal upbringing is dangerous and out of the mainstream with an emphasis on Hal Lindsey as an authority.

    The common sense crowd knows there is no sense in poking Russia in the eye and provoke them, because guess what they will respond in that region. We should encourage peace between neighbors and that they all prosper together
    WITH THEIR CHRISTIAN POPULATIONS , their is a bright future for them living in peace and trading with each other , instead of listening to Bush and his abject failure in foreign policy.

    Sarah Palin failed big time in foreign policy it was for the old school cold warriors who see the Soviet Union and not Russia.

    Yes, I am afraid of her Pentecostal upbringing, indoctrination, because it is scary.

    Notice she called Rick Warren, now that was a political move if there ever was one.

    She knows if people get a hold of the Pentecostal themed stuff, they will be scared to, and will not want her near a button to start a war.

    My Opinion on this Political Board
  4. LeBuick

    LeBuick New Member

    Jun 8, 2006
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    Stand up and fight, fight because we have missiles. Fight because we have the bomb.
    Stand up and fight, fight because we have an army. Fight so we can have a war.
    Stand up and fight, fight so I can be commander. Fight then I'll make the cause.
    Stand up and FIGHT!