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SBC officials accuse Carter of 'voodoo ecumenism'

Discussion in '2008 Archive' started by Rufus_1611, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Rufus_1611

    Rufus_1611 New Member

    Oct 27, 2006
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    SBC officials accuse Carter of ‘voodoo ecumenism’

    ATLANTA (ABP)—Southern Baptist officials harshly rejected Jimmy Carter’s effort to unite all Baptists in North America under a compassion agenda, calling the ambitious plan “voodoo ecumenism” and a thinly veiled Democratic strategy to woo values voters.

    But other Southern Baptists, including some reform-minded younger conservatives, called the SBC response un-Christ-like and prejudicial criticism from “fundamentalist elites.”​

    I love this quote...

    “To be consistent, I despise both of these men,” Grace wrote Jan. 11 on sbcouthouse.blogspot.com. “Jimmy Carter may be the most naïve man on the planet. ... Bill Clinton is far smarter than that, with every word coming out of his mouth either designed to promote his need for power or to pick up women.”​

    This one's pretty good too...

    “None of us need to speculate about its content,” Grace said of the New Baptist Covenant, a statement based on Jesus’ compassion agenda in Luke 4. “It will be a reflection of the Democratic Party platform designed to promote other great religious leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to deliver the black vote to Hillary Clinton, that torchbearer of maternal virtue and humble leadership.”​
  2. The Galatian

    The Galatian New Member

    Aug 18, 2001
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    These guys seem more like politicians than theologians. Is is possible that your source picked the most extreme people for shock effect?