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Scofield, 1911 Tercentenary, New Scofield

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Logos1560, May 22, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    Quotation from another thread

    Originally Posted by Logos1560
    Does anyone know of a source that lists the men who worked on this 1911 edition?

    Scofield (Worldcat)
    Scofield, Gross Alexander, Collins Denny, Doremus Hayes, A. T. Robertson (Who's Who)


    Since C. I. Scofield is said to be one of the men who worked on the 1911 Tercentenary Commemoration Edition of the KJV issued by Oxford University Press in New York, is it possible that it was one of the sources for the text of the 1967 New Scofield Reference Bible? If so, it could indicate that C. I. Scofield was indirectly or partially responsible for some of the textual changes introduced in the 1967 New Scofield.

    The "Introduction to the 1967 Edition" does not mention that 1911 edition, but I have found that some of the changes made in the text of the 1967 New Scofield are the same as some of the changes made in the 1911 Tercentenary Commemoration Edition.

    For example, both the 1911 and the 1967 New Scofield have "ask" instead of "borrow" (Exod. 3:22), "turtle doves" instead of "turtles" (Lev. 12:8), "weapons" instead of "artillery" (1 Sam. 20:40), "honor" instead of "worship" (Luke 14:10), "Joshua" instead of "Jesus" (Acts 7:45), "temples" instead of "churches" (Acts 19:37), "Spirit himself" instead of "Spirit itself" (Rom. 8:16), "living creature" instead of "beast" (Rev. 6:3), "wash their robes" instead of "do his commandments" (Rev. 22:14), and "tree of life" instead of "book of life" (Rev. 22:19).

    The 1911 edition did have some changes that are not found in the New Scofield, and the New Scofield may have some changes that are not in the 1911 edition.