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Scripture Memory

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Scarlett O., Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Scarlett O.

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    May 22, 2002
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    Does anyone want to memorize some scripture with me for the remainder of the year. I've been trying since January 1 and I really need some accountability partners.

    You don't have to.

    I truly believe that scripture memory is an essential part of allowing the Bible to lead you. There's four important things. Daily Bible reading, Bible study, Bible memory, and Bible mediation. I am the weakest on memorization.

    I'm on week 15. If you want to jump in with me, you can. Even if you don't retain the memorization for very long - the Word is hidden in your heart. And you know what the Bible says about that. We should hide the Word in our hearts - why? So we won't sin against God.

    I've gotten convicted again and renewed on this again after watching the AWANA closing last night at church and watching those children quote their scripture passages.

    I need some help holding my feet to the fire. Even if all you do is pray for me, I would appreciate it. But I know that some may want to do this with me. There'll be no prizes and we obviously won't be reciting it to each other. But it could possible change us in wonderful ways.

    WEEK 15 (new memory passage each Sunday)

    Hebrews 9:11-15 and 27-28 (NLT 2011)

    I like Hebrews 9. I like how Paul breaks everything up into bite size pieces for us - sort of like how our mothers used to cut up our meat for us when we were first learning to eat by ourselves. Remember? She would cut it up and we would eat bite by bite until it was all gone? And then she would say, "You did it! I'm so proud! You ate that whole piece of hamburger all by yourself!"

    I know that sounds so silly but it's how I see Hebrews 9.

    What is the difference in the Old and New Testament?
    What is a "testament"?
    Why did blood have to be spilled?
    What was different about Jesus' blood?
    Why is His sacrifice sufficient?

    Just basic stuff, written where even a child can understand it. All of us need to review the basics from time to time.

    I've posted the entirety of Hebrews 9 because it's important to the context of the memory passage, but the memory passage for this week is in blue.

    This week, I'm using the New Living Translation, but you use which ever translation you choose.