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Second Baptism

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by Kevin1957, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Kevin1957

    Kevin1957 New Member

    Feb 22, 2004
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    I am new to the board, joining this past Sunday. I have been hesitant to ask this question, but issues have been raised in the SBC church I am a member of.

    Our pastor wishes to baptize couples together, who have previously been baptized individually. He told my wife that when the couples are married they become on unit; therefore, they can be baptized a "second time". Also, he mailed a card which stated if anyone wishes to "renew their baptism and show the world your saved!" to please contact him. My wife pressed him for scripture to support his positions, but he was unable to provide any.

    He also stated to my wife that the church called him as pastor and to trust him.

    Since the pastor is advocating doctrine, in conflict with the church's Statement of Faith; should that be grounds for dismissal or should my wife and I leave the church and find one that teaches the ordinance of baptism as we believe the Bible teaches?

    If or when this issue comes before the church body he would have the support, unfortunately, to do as he desires.

    I am deeply troubled at the lack of scriptural knowledge of our church body.

    Any advice or help someone can provide me in how to deal with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dianetavegia

    dianetavegia Guest

    HI Kevin, maybe some of our learned pastor's will step in here but I just wanted to say that I find this quite odd that a SBC pastor would be pushing re-baptism! I certainly agree with you.

    BTW... I was born and raised in Alabama and live 24 miles from the Ala. line now. Welcome to our board.

  3. Elijah

    Elijah New Member

    Jul 23, 2003
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    Kevin - beware of anyone, especially in a position such as Pastor, who says, just trust me, without offering any scriptural evidence.
    This ,baptizing couples together who have been previously baptized cannot be backed up by scripture, and cheepens the meaning of Baptism.
    If I tried to pull something like this at the church I serve in, I would be looking for a new pulpit to fill pretty quick.
    Baptism, like salvation is a one time thing that never needs to be renewed. Going strictly on what info. you gave, I would have to say "be carefull."
  4. Bro Tony

    Bro Tony New Member

    Jan 27, 2004
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    Hi Kevin,

    Welcome to the board, I too am relatively new here. I am always concerned with any pastor who says or implies that he has the last word on any subject. If any practice cannot be found in Scripture, it has no place in the Church. If he tells you to just trust him without encouraging you to search the Scriptures to check out his teachings, it is either time to expose him or to get out of that church. Especially if you have children, you don't want them raised under the leadership of a pastor who places himself above the Word of God.
    You will be in my prayers. Remember to do what is right in the sight of God. There is an old saying--"Do what is right and let the chips fall where they may, because the chips belong to God".

    Bro Tony
  5. blackbird

    blackbird Administrator

    Feb 21, 2002
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    Kevin---the pastor may be on a ego trip looking for a few easy baptisms to "notch" on his pistol--make the rookie preacher look good in front of the others---he can go struttin' around saying things like, "Got um lining up to be dunked every Sunday!!"----when all along it was John the Baptist who was "turning them away left and right"

    I knew a preacher who knowingly had no more than 35 baptisms one particular year----KNOWINGLY put down 85 on the year's annual report just so he can have "One more" baptism than his preacher buddy down the road!!

    It may be an ego thing-- some preachers are ashamed of having only a few baptisms to record at the end of the year---makes um look bad in front of all the other preachers when they get together and "politic" over at the Western Sizzlin'!!!-but you can't play around with baptism---talk with the preacher--see if he'll cool his spiritual jets---make him point with his index finger to you---the scripture references he has for doing what he's doing---if he can't---then simply tell him in the name of Jesus he has to stop! I would venture to say that most preachers would do well to let their prided be destroyed---and go ahead and be truthful---if the Lord gave you only one baptism that particular year---don't lie about it---tell the truth and see maybe if the Lord won't bless again next year!!

    Brother David
  6. Russ Kelly

    Russ Kelly New Member

    Jan 31, 2004
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    My two cents worth agrees with everybody else so far.However, the SBC Faith and Message does not have the authority of a Westminster Confession and violation of it is not grounds to dismiss a pastor. Each church is autonomous. I would not be surprised to find snake-handlers in the SBC. Your best bet is to quietly slide out and find one that better fits your understanding of God's Word. There are a lot of very good ones to choose from everywhere you look.

    [ February 26, 2004, 09:13 PM: Message edited by: Russ Kelly ]