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"Separation" for Missionaries

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by ktn4eg, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. ktn4eg

    ktn4eg New Member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    Just out of curiosity, if you are (or were at one time) a missionary to another country than the US, how would you answer these questions regarding (for lack of a better term) "religious separation":

    1. Do you fellowship with other foreign missionaries that aren't Baptist?

    2. If you do fellowship with other foreign missionaries that aren't Baptist, to what extent does this fellowship exist (i.e., is it just on a personal basis or does it go further than that)?

    3. Would you attend a service of a missionary in the same area or country who isn't a Baptist? If invited, would you speak at one of these services?

    4. Would you invite a missionary who isn't a Baptist to speak at one of your mission's services? What about a missionary who's Baptist but not of the same "stripe" as you are (e.g., an IFB speaking at a SBC's mission or vice versa)?

    The reason I'm asking these questions is that some Baptists here in the US tell us that we ought to be extremely careful about fellowshipping with other groups or individuals. I'm just wondering how far this "religious separation" is to be applied to foreign missionaries and their mission work.
  2. Salty

    Salty 20,000 Posts Club

    Apr 8, 2003
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    I was in the military in Germany. In the '70 there were about 30 SBC churches and some 30 IBF churches. I never remember the IBF fellowshipping with the SBC. In fact some of the IBF didn't even get along.
    Keep in mind, that these churches for the most part were all made up of military personnel, with American pastors

    I was a member of both groups while I was over there - a total of 8 years with 3 tours.
  3. John of Japan

    John of Japan Well-Known Member
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    Sep 22, 2005
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    I try to be extremely careful in who my church fellowships with. When you start a church and have a bunch of new Christians, you don't want them to be confused.
    On occasion, yes. As for speaking, that would be case-by-case, with the primary condition being, how would this affect my church?
    Case-by-case. How would the speaker help my church people grow in grace? Or would they be confused more than ever?

    I knew a missionary who had a noted trouble-making missionary in just because the man had been in Japan for many years, and "this might be the last chance" to hear him preach. I would never do that.
    One difference between here an there is that you are more likely to meet strange cults or groups on the mission field, IMO. In language school I studied with a couple of ladies from the "two-by-two" cult. In several different places and situations in Japan I've been approached or had trouble withheretical group birthed in Japan. For the sake of my church people I want to be very careful.

    There's a "Baptist" church here in town where the pastor preaches that Hell and miracles are a myth. Last year we had someone coming to our English service from that church, and I asked them not to come to any other function, so they quit. All to protect the Lord's people in our church.
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