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Shaq's Big Challenge

Discussion in 'Travel Forum' started by Filmproducer, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Filmproducer

    Filmproducer Guest

    Has anyone else seen this new show? My family watched the first episode last week and we are currently watching it now. I think what he is doing is very admirable, and I hope he can really help save these kids. I hope he is also successful in lobbying for mandatory PE in our schools. Too many kids are suffering from a lack of movement. They are idle all day at school and then many of them go home and park themselves in front of the tv or video games. no one plays outside anymore and I really worry about some of these kids. Childhood obesity is a real problem in our country, and it is so sad. After watching the show my son has been more conscious of his own eating habits and I have watched him choose the healthier altenative over the high carb/sugar one. We don't have much junk food, if any, in our house, but it is so nice to see my son really think about these things.

    Anyway check out the show. I think you can even watch it online....