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Social Services Needs Reformed!

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by Gina B, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Gina B

    Gina B Active Member

    Dec 30, 2000
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    I'd urge you to look into this site and get involved in protecting families from the abuses that over-empowered social workers wield.
    Does social services have an important job to do? Yes, and in a number of cases they have done their job, but the MAJORITY of their cases appear to be complete rubbish.
    Our families are in danger of abuse from them.
    Did you know that ANYONE can call and make an anonymous report about you and social services is required to investigate? If you do not cooperate you run the risk of losing your children. Even if the charges are found false you have no recourse against the accuser. Children are being taken by the thousands and placed in foster homes where the risk of real abuse and neglect and even death is very high. There is a critical shortage of foster homes available, further endangering the security of children who are often taken without good cause and placed in these homes.
    Many of you have heard me talk about my "run-in" with this agency. Today I received a copy of the report on me they had illegally been with-holding for months. Here is an example of their inadequacy: (this was put on the risk assessment matrix they filled out on our family)
    One of them has some kind of physical problem that she has to see a specialist in Akron for regularly.-unknown to what extent of problem L/MR for which ever child it is. Unknow if any others have any problems bk mom refused to speak w/worker. Worker noted no apparent delays with the two older children.
    That's word for word.
    This "which ever" child is Anna, my youngest. The one with the heart and vision problems (that she was born with)
    This professional evaluation helped place their assessment of abuse of the children at a high level, along with the school notifying them that she was being seen by a doctor regularly.
    These people are OUT OF CONTROL.
    Recently, thanks to President Bush, the agency in our town tried to meet with churches in the area to begin working together with them.
    What's this mean? Already there's a movement started to make pastors and church workers mandatory reporters. See a bruise on that child in the nursery? Call social services! Do we really need them moving even further into our lives????
    Know your rights. Protect your rights, protect families, and protect your church. Speak up against abuse by social service workers.
    These people can be VERY dangerous!