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Some republicans to "fight media bias"

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by rbell, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. rbell

    rbell Active Member

    Jan 16, 2006
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    OK...yes, I believe that media bias exists a good bit.

    And yes, it can be problematic.

    But it is not the government's job to deal with it. The Republicans have enough to take care of without trying to fix this. We don't need one "side" trying to squelch the other. Freedom of speech, baby.

    Neal Boortz (where I saw this link" has a good take on it: SOURCE

    Oh, and memo to the bill's author, Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas: We're not a democracy.
  2. BigBossman

    BigBossman New Member

    Jan 8, 2009
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    The best way to fight media bias is with cold, hard facts. The biggest problem is when the liberal, propaganda machine goes to work, they tend to leave out facts or only give you their opinion. When reporting a story, a reporter is only supposed to give all of the facts they know, not give their opinions or just part of the story.

    Its okay for people like Limbaugh, Boortz, Schnitt, Savage, O'Reilly, Hannity, Olberman, & Matthews to give their opinion on their shows. That's what they are paid to do. However, they are still required to give all of the facts.

    While NBC kept harping on the murder of the abortion doctor they didn't hardly touch the terrorist attack on an Arkansas Army recruiting station, where a private was killed & a sergeant was injured.

    Something else I've noticed too, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, & even Fox News are guilty of this, during the 2008 presidential primaries, not all of the candidates were invited to the debates. Candidates were asked different questions & weren't given equal talking time. Numerous times when Giuliani, McCain, or Romney went beyond their alotted time, the moderater would very lightly say Mr. Giuliani or okay & still let them to continue talking. However, when Tom Tancredo would to try to elaborate on something just for a second or two beyond his time, they would immediately cut him off.

    The best, non-biased debate I have ever seen was the Value Voters debate in September of 2007, which was done by VCY America. They invited everyone running & placed a podium on the stage whether or not they appeared. The four candidates that did not show were Giuliani, Romney, McCain, & Thompson. There were three rounds. The first round was a set of questions asked that everyone had up to two minutes a piece to answer. The second round was where anyone could ask a single question to one candidate (even if they aren't there). The third round was a series of "yes or no" questions. Each candidate had a red light & a green light. Red meant no & green meant yes. The candidate would simply illuminate the appropriate light to answer the questions. The amount time was that a person spoke for very strict too. VCY America also tried to invite all of the Democratic candidates to hold a debate & all of them declined to appear.
  3. SeekingTruth

    SeekingTruth Member

    May 25, 2005
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    The title of the OP implies there are Republicans with enough intestinal fortitude to actually carry on a fight with anyone. It is easy to go to the floor of the House or Senate and blow smoke. But when was the last time you saw a Republican actually carrying on running battle with the press?

    Maybe we have to go all the way back to Ronald Reagan. Since then, Republican politicians have become professional wimps, surrendering to the Democrat party and the press on every occasion. They use words like "we may filibuster", "use every procedural tactic to block the _________ bill", etc. Yet, when votes are taken, these wimps usually surrender without so much as a whimper. They are consumed by a fear of angering the press by really standing up against them when they should. PC has taken over the party.